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What on earth is going on?


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This is not a hate post. If anything its out of frustration. I ask that you please don't turn it into something that its not. I ask that you read first without prejudgements.


First and foremost if you know me you would know the main issue has always been with the broken promises/missing features and the "alleged gameplay" reviews and not the game as a whole. But now I'm beginning to have my doubts.


Some say this is no SA as if SA was a bad thing. You're right in that this is no SA and although I put up with even the gym glitch that prevented 100% (yes the glitch prevented 100% unless you actually cheated.) on SA and the annoyances of the girlfriends almost everyone agreed on and the hungry hungry garages. I am reluctant to accept the same garbage in this "New state of the art next generation masterpiece" as some call it.




When a game...


Cheats you out of a special car by eating it for no reason.(even after not having saved and reloading)


Blatantly cheats you out of your "hard earned" reward from dating Carmen.



The annoyance of Carmen calling less than one day after a date and for what your still not getting the reward...


You cant even take a dump without someone calling you every second when they're not sending you texts about something at a time they should be asleep that you cant respond to because "they should be asleep and dont answer" so how did they just send you that text and they have the nerve to bitch I didn' t answer? Get the point? If this game wasn't so "real" maybe I would have the option to send hem a message telling them to go self fornicate. At least that would make up for some of the frustrations.


I regret ever going beyond the first few missions and the minute I had to choose between pick someone up or take someone out (I wont spoil it for others but it was like the 2nd mission) I knew where this game was heading and that this was only the tip of the iceberg.


I think I spent more than 15 hours just walking around/driving/shooting/exploring the sights/ looking for weapons and armor without the assistance of a map. I was content and had fun just doing that. Seems silly doesn't it how just being inside yourself walking around can be fun. And adding to the fun was some amazing cutscenes early on like the one after the vlad chase with roman and niko.


But now its just blatantly annoying, every 2 seconds a phone call from someone else (turning off phone will still result in text and a negative sometimes)

If I didn't turn off my phone Im sure I wold be taking people out until I turned my game off and someone would still be upset and give me a negative. Then rinse and repeat without having time to think.


As if the calls are weren't annoying enough I have to come back to missing cars and still no health boosts. but thats all the time you have to even think because your phones ringing again probably from carmen and for what. Si I can take her out on a car the garage ate and to keep her happy so I don't loose I health boost I never got. What next?...

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What can I say? You should've all waited for the PC version tounge.gif.


I'm just kidding, I'm not going to take any part in this discussion. Everyone knows my opinion.

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Who cares if the 'friends' don't like you? You should have to work to get those extras. They shouldn't just be there.


For instance, I was truly pumped to become Jacob's friend so that I could call him up for weapons...but he's got to be the hardest guy ever to get to like you. Plus, I can't stand hanging out with him because I don't know what he's talking about half the time. When I realized how much work that perk would be, I quit taking his calls. I can still beat the game--I just have to go to a weapons shop to get ammo.


But, the same goes for everyone else. I don't care about dating or hanging out with Roman. I play GTA4 as a loner.

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