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Can't start SA.


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Hello, i can't start my san andreas game. When i launch it it comes a black screen and it doesn't show any picture. And if i minimize it for a while, then open it again, i can see the san andreas intro in a bugged small window (like 1/4 of the full screen) i've tryed to re-install the game and restart my computer, what should i do?


EDIT: I saw in another thread that you can remove the gta_sa.set file if you have problems with the picture, so i did that and it worked. Whats that file suppost to do anyway?

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The file just stores your computers information and the game settings.

If you change any software or hardware (new graphic card or driver update), then the .set file wont be compatible with the computer and the game might crash and have strange graphic, sound problems. Deleting it

makes the game generate a new one which fits with your computer

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