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Mature PSN Gang Forming


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Are you sick of browsing games on PSN for hours only to find games with AA on and other idiotic settings? Tired of people joining your custom matches only to leave after waiting 60 seconds (just before someone else joins..) because they have ADD? Do you want to play with other like minded players in great team based matches? If so, you have come to the right place.


Hi, my PSN is TheKhan. Let me give you an example of my favorite settings:


Game Type: Turf Wars / Team Deathmatch / Team Mafia Work / Cops and Crooks / Free Mode (against the cops, not each other) / GTA Race (with sensible settings...no big tracks and tons of laps, always using SuperCars...etc)


Location: Any...EXCEPT Airport (why do people find the airport so fascinating? I find it to be the most boring map ever)


Friendly Fire: Off


Auto-Aim: Off (do I have to explain why?)


Weapons: Standard but All is cool too. I find the Rocket launcher cheap and boring as people just go right for it and nothing else, Standard takes it away entirely. Standard also starts you off with the Deagle, which gives you a nice fighting chance against someone already equipped...but still takes a lot of skill to use without AA on. Plus, the Deagle is just freaking cool.


Police: Off (but I wouldn't mind trying Turf Wars or Mafia Work with it on...sounds fun. I assume most pubstars would leave if I ever turned it on though)


Traffic: High or at least Medium (Always having a vehicle near by is nice, and more traffic on the streets causes more mayhem and rewards driving skill)


Peds: Any (More so in Free Mode)


Blips: All or Far (most people don't like far so I usually keep it off. I can go either way on it though)


Respawn Time: 5 Seconds (most reasonable one in my opinion)


Respawn Distance: Medium (Near is just dumb, far is too boring)



If you have a mic, that's great! I don't have one yet, but it this takes off I will most definitely get one. In short: if you are mature, a team player, not a griefer, don't like AA, don't like Weapons set to Rockets/Sniper Rifles/Melee/Projectiles, and want to have a good time; let me know. And please, don't say something like: "Sounds cool!!! My PSN is Roxors1999!!" Serious applicants only. Any questions, let me know. Otherwise, I'll see you on the streets.

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Doc Rikowski

Well, I don't know if u have seen our Turf War post for mature player but we usually managed to have great games. AA disallow, BLIPS FAR (I hate to keep my eyes on the mini map radar ALL the time). We are mature and team players and set the weapons standard or powerful, rain at night (I love it, it makes driving more challenging) , traffic medium, respawn 5 seconds and medium distance, not so many peds, friendly fire and police OFF. We play TDM too. Personally I don't play a lot the others mode u mentioned but if it's a TW or a TDM u can count me in. U can find other good mature players in my post. I update the names everyday. U can add me and invite me (TW or TDM as I said) or if u prefer I can add your name in the TW post. (Anyway I'm open to try also the other modes)

I don't have a mic but till now I really didn't need it in games with mature players from my post.


See ya in LC!

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