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Extremely Fast/Aggressive Traffic glitch


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Hi, guys. First of all I really beg you to help me cause I am a hardcore gta fan. I have completed 51% game and my playing time is 596:40 (PS2 Version). I am really at a loss and need help. Otherwise all of my playing time will go to waste and I don't want to restart.


Everthing went fine but at the Playing time '596:30' the traffic got super sonic and you can barely see it pass by. Traffic passes in a flash, like lightening. Cars just stop at the red light and then pile up on eachother and finally blow up (by turning over or getting stuck in one another). You can sometimes even see them flying above CJ's head at extremely fast speed. It almost becomes impossible to cruise around or do missions. You can't even steal a car like this.


I know traffic behaves like this at highways, freeways and at fast roads but this is permanent. I even used a previous save and played it to 596 hours but right at 596:30 the traffic goes crazy. I have never used any cheats throughout my playing time and hates using them. I don't even experiment too much because of the fear of the glitches that incur.

Please help me friends! There has got to be some cure to it.

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Um this is the GTA IV part of the forum this belongs in the SA section.

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