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get out your gta4 city map and look on the west part of Wardite St (which is located north of the middle island) and it has a night club logo there!

so i wentthere to ceck it out and there was no entrence to be found!


does anyone have any solution to this? mercie_blink.gif

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I think you mean 'club liberty'. You can only get in when with a friend, but it's the same as the pubs. Enter the arrow and next thing you're outside drunk. It doesn't show up on the in game map for me, but yeah think that's it on paper map.

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As said, you can take girlfriends/friends there.


I find it's useful if your friends want to go drinking, but you don't want to get too drunk. It only gives you a slight buzz, and it's quite easy to drive afterwards.

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