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A Few More Glitches


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Not sure if either of these have been mentioned yet on the boards, but has anyone had either of these:


Niko sliding on railings like he is grinding on a skateboard? I was just trying to jump a railing getting away from the cops and he locked onto the rail and actually slid on it like a skateboard grind for the distance of the rail (Long railing) Quite funny to watch!


Got on a wrecked motorcycle right beside a sign, and Niko got on it but the top of the bike and niko were in the pavement and the bottom of the bike was sticking up through the street. Also hilarious to watch. You could turn the wheels and do a burn out haha..


just adding some more.

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tarquin biscuitbarrel

gta glitches are always funny...


i hope rockstar don't fix those things, especially the swing glitch - best glitch ever.

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