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[snp] up to green sabre - don't do it


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I used someone else's save that was helped, because we were around the same place. However, that version (2.0) the op had, and I did also. That save didn't work for me. I started over, and got farther than the other person but still need help


First, make sure that you DO NOT do green sabre.


Missions: Doberman, Los Sepulcros, Reuniting the Families

Link: http://gtasnp.com/10393

Notes: Please try not to die, get busted, do not cheat - DO NOT DO GREEN SABRE !


edit: Finished gray imports, changed file

edit: Finished wrong side, changed file

edit: Finished just business


I can't do the others please do those thanks smile.gif

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I'll Do It.


EDIT: Sorry My Game Crashed I think it is becaulse I have V1 not V2 sorry again.

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Ok Ill do them for you


EDIT-It will take me awhile beacuse the game freezes sometimes

beacuse of some of my mods but I will have them done I got

Doberman done



Mission(s):Doberman, Los Sepulcros, Reuniting the Families


Link: http://gtasnp.com/10414



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Next time use the correct layout shown at the top of this page. You can find Mission Help forum rules here.

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