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Music Induced Psychoism


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Ok, so in GTA IV the music is a little bad right? C'mon people, you know hearing about Missy E's guns that go E E E I EE I EEEEE..... is annoying. Anywho just wanted to throw this out there, GTA wasn't supposed to be a run around f*ck EVERYTHING UP when it was released because of the music, yes I said it the MUSIC. I did a few months of psychology, before learning I couldn't spell and the course was too hard lol. Anywho we learned that to change the mood music was a good way. Notice how there isn;t anything banging like Rage Against the Machine? Why? because of the enclosed spaces. If this would happen, most people would say "f*ck THERES NOWHERE TO GOOOOOO" In pursuit, hence no psycho sh*t like Rage Against the Machine or Metallica. Although I'm going to sound like a Jackass and say I THOIGHT I heard Metallica the other day on GTA, if anyone can clarify that;d be great.



In San Andreas you had miles to run around in, i.e the forests, cities, deserts etc. which is why they had sick sick music in it.



So the question I pose to you is::::


Would you welcome back the old GTA songs where head banging is allowed?? (Or just tell me your thoughts on the non metal GTA)



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Nope. I love the music in this GTA, well tbh I only listen to the Rock station. But still the music is great.


I have however tried to put Pendulum on in the background on my PC... It just felt odd. it somehow made the game seem worse.

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I listen to Tuff Gong Radio, Radio Broker, and Liberty Rock Radio. Mostly the last two, but if they have commercials on or a song I'm not that into, I will always love Bob Marley so Tuff Gong is there for me. In the beginning of the game I listened to Radio Vladivostok a lot, but Russian pop gets tiring after a while.

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