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XBOX360 Connection Help.


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I know how frustrating it can be to be disconnected while playing online. Here's some helpful links and info. If you're getting constantly disconnected from multiplayer gameplay, you may want to check your network settings. Run the tests and see if your NAT is set to OPEN, if not, use the info here to help get you on your way.





Very useful for setting up your Router to help open your connection. Covers two major router brands. Very helpful.







OPEN YOUR NAT [sourced from our pals at bungie.net]

Sights version


You will need to open your routers settings, simply type in your routers IP address in the address bar. If you don't know your routers IP address, go to a computer on your network, click start, run, then type in cmd and then click OK.

A black window, called by all as the "command prompt" window will show up, type in ipconfig/all and your routers IP will be the default gateway. Enter that into your address bar.



Your 360 and computer have to be using the same router


Next, you will have to log in. HERE is a list of default user names and passwords. If you have a different username or password, enter that.

If you haven't logged into you router before it will probably prompt you to change the

username and password. I suggest you leave it as it is, unless you know what you are doing.


Then you have several options,


1.Enabling UPnP,

2.Port forwarding,

3. DMZ. If your router has it DMZ is easier than port forwarding. Basically is opens all of the ports for the one machine that you designate.


Enabling UPnP (universal plug n play) is simple, go to administration (depending what kind of router you have I have a linksys) and enable it. Don't forget to save your settings.


In order to use port forwarding or DMZ you have to set up your 360 with a static IP address, and you have to disable UPnP.

Here is a link that will guide you through that process


Port forwarding



For port forwarding you have to set up your router to open the ports to your 360. In your router settings there should be something like port forwarding, port range forward, or something like that.

Then you have to enter the ports you want forwarded. 88 UDP 3074 UDP 3074 TCP are the ports.



If your router has this setting all you have to do is put in your 360's IP address once you have it set up with a static IP address.


Pros and cons

UPnP Pros, The easiest one to do without worrying whether you messed something up. The only con is that your router might not have that option, if it doesn't you might want to check to see if you have the latest firmware settings. Also if your router does have it, it is probably turned off by default.


Port Forwarding Pros, every router should have this option. Cons, It's a longer and a more frustrating process than the other two.


DMZ Pros, easier than port forwarding. Cons, opens all of your ports to the machine you designate, but someone hacking your 360? Not likely.


You also might have to update your routers firmware. Here is how you update the linksys routers (MAKE sure you read that first!!). Go here and select your router, go to downloads and select firmware.


If you don't have a router you don't use NAT

Currently I don't know how to help you if you don't have one.

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sorry gotta bump this. Gotta help out the people with connection issues.

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