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best place to smash cars in GTAIV


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Quick! Where can I find the best places to SMASH cars 100% in GTAIV?


I find the bus and firetruck to be the best at smashing, the firetruck not as strong as the bus, however it can

put out fires so therefore I can smash for longest amount of time without having the car "evaporated" lol


Where is the best locations to smash cars? My fav car to smash is FIB and I can smash it well... But

most the locations I pick really suck... Example, some streets are TOO narrow and the bus can't

get a "head start", some streets have TOO many peds or other traffic and they get in the way and

I can't effectively smash at all.... Some streets have too many cops, etc....


And the desolate areas that I do find often have trees, ledges and other things that turn out to be more

annoying than thought possible at first...



Please help. Is there a wide open area with a tall and long wall where I can position the FIB car and

smash it to be desire without being bothered by peds (sometimes they pull me out and fight with me)

, cops, traffic (SO SO annoying!!), trees (so stupid...), garden pots (so retarded that they stop a bus

cold and can't get rid of them),.... and the problem with ledges is the car goes to the other side

and then I'm f*cked again....


So please help!

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Well that is a glitch. I mean I want to find a good "sand box playground area" to smash cars with firetrucks and buses without

having them


1) get blocked by oncoming traffic 2) accidentally running over peds and getting a wanted level 3) pissing off the peds and getting pulled out and into a fight 4) getting in the way of a freaking tree/garden pot/rock/ ledge/ fence 5) getting the car bounced into some retarded gap or ledge and having to start over because there is no way to get it out


ANd the worst part is sometimes I have to turn around and "straightened up" my firetruck and if I turn to wide and yield too far the freaking car I was smashing DISAPPEARS ON ME! After all that work! f*cking pisses me off... Sometimes this game can be so infinitely GAY!


Just so much sh*t you know !

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