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Trial By Dirt


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when we do races, stats appears in the name of them and the time we did, I made the trial by dirt and managed to pass the time limit and simply not appeared in the stats, because that does not appear there in the stats?

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It's a glitch in VC. You have to do one of them first, or you get this error. To fix it, do Trial by Dirt, then check your stats and see if you have the times for both. If you don't, do Test Track. Then, check your stats. Still if you don't have both of them there, do Trial by Dirt again, then you should defiantly have both of them there wink.gif



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if you don't have a time in your stats, it will prevent you from getting 100%


as mentioned above, keep alternating trial by dirt (motor cycle) and test track (4wd car) near the dirt track-- after a few times you should have a time for both but they will be the same... I have experienced this glitch/bug each time I've played VC...


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