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Imagine the next GTA


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GTA IV is just over a month old and of course everyone is talking about the next GTA. Where will it be set? Who's the protagonist? What car did those dumb f*cks at Rockstar forget to put in the last GTA? Will it include fingerless gloves?


Here's my two cents. The next GTA should be located anywhere. As in Anywhere City, USA. Three weeks into the future. Remember GTA 2?


Imagine the GTA 2 universe in three dimensions. The protagonist could be any schmuck looking to make a buck. He finds himself in a shadowy, smoky city cut into portions controlled by lunatics, Yakuza, religious fundamentalists, etc. and of course the mysterious Zaibatsu Corporation. And its up to our protagonist to make and maintain contacts within these organizations to receive jobs.


I think that "Anywhere City" would be a visual wonder on the XBox 360/PS3. Dimly lit alleyways, an asylum crawling with loonies, the SRS facility. And how about the cars. Imagine some cars from GTA 2 in 3 dimensions. The Furor GT, Beamer, Shark, even the cop cars. The whole feel of the game would be a not to distant future with a retro look. Kind of like Batman's Gotham City if you're into that. The cars would be huge gas guzzling boats with no less than 8 cylinders. Shadows would be everywhere, steam would seep from every manhole. Your job contacts would include crooked cops buried behind trenchcoats, corrupt politicians looking for you to help tham gain an edge on their opponent, and businessmen asking you to edge out the competition.


I loved GTA 2 for its atmosphere but I feel the quality of gaming technology at the time couldn't give it justice. There is a lot of potential in that sort of environment. I'll keep playing GTA IV until my eyes bleed but I'm hoping that Rockstar takes the next installment a bit into the future. Three weeks maybe.

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