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GTA2 Multiplayer Tools


Recommended Posts

Hi all,

simply, I have a problem with playing GTA2 online.


I have read a lot of what to do to play it online. I have already downloaded the "GTA2 Game Hunter", this seems the best (and easiest) way to play GTA2 online.

And now, here is the major problem: when I launch "GTA2 Game Hunter" program, then signed in and finally click on some available game to join it, there is shown a window where the "Join" button is DISABLED. And now, what should I do?


I have read (on the site http://gtamp.com/gta2/network-help/) that I have to forward the ports 47624 (both TCP and UDP) and moreover the port range 2300-2400 (again both TCP and UDP). WHAT THIS EXACTLY MEAN?

Does this "port forwarding" mean only "allowing" communication over them (is it sufficient that I only allow these ports, for example in "Windows firewall")?


By the way, I have the "PRIVATE" IP address. Can I play online with it (if not, all my writing effort was useless biggrin.gif )?

If there is only problem with port forwarding, I would be very pleased if someone can write for me a step-by-step instructions what to do (concretely on Windows XP and with Windows "classic" firewall).


Thanks in advance.

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It's usually not enough to just allow ports on your Windows firewall. Most setups also require logging into the configuration webpage of their modem/router and adding some port forwarding rules (description, port numbers, protocol and the IP address of the computer you want to forward to).


Is your modem/router in this list? http://www.portforward.com/english/applica.../GTA2Mindex.htm


Here's a port forwarding example video:


The IP addresses, username, password, port numbers and general look of the config webpage can be totally different from the video, so you will have to use logic to adapt it to your needs.

Edited by Sektor
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Hi again,

once more, I DON'T have the "public" IP address.

And I don't have a router. Can I forward ports without router?


Or does it mean if I buy the router shall I be able to forward ports?



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In your case, it seems like you don't have access to port forwarding, so you can't play GTA2. Ask your provider if they can forward ports for you.


Don't buy a router, it won't help you, that would just add an extra level of complication to your setup.

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it seems that I cannot play it in "direct" way.

But what about with "Hamachi"?


Do I need to forward the specific ports even when I play it over Hamachi?

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Hey all,


I have GTA2 with Game Hunter, running on windows xp sp2. Evererything works just fine for me to join a game, but can't host one. It comes up with error 1400. when I click ok then it kicks me off. I have hamachi installed and the ports open on my router, my firewall is turned totaly off. I can join games just fine, but not host them...how do I fix this. Also when playing multi-player then can we see each other in game...like if we where playing the downtown map, and we bouth went to the police station...? Any help would be great, thanks guys.

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You don't need to forward ports for hamachi but you do need to allow it through your firewalls.


OddJoe69, can you please post the full error message or a screenshot of it?


If the other player is on your screen then you can see them in multiplayer and depending on the game mode and there are usually arrows pointing at each of the players, so you can find them.

Edited by Sektor
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You don't need to forward ports for hamachi but you do need to allow it through your firewalls.

Sorry I am asking always the same, but I still cannot play GTA2 online.


You posted that I don't need to forward ports if I play through Hamachi but I have to allow something on my firewall.



Could you please write here the "ALL STEPS" from configuring the Hamachi, setting up firewall (which ports to allow) to setting up the Game Hunter?

If even after your steps I won't be able to play GTA2 online I promise (lol) I won't be asking again and again and again to this same topic.



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If you are using a firewall, you need to permit GTA2 to listen on ports 47624 and 2300-2400. Firewalls can be a bitch and sometimes you need to add the hamachi or real IP address of the all the joiners/hosters to the firewall allow list. Add me to MSN or google chat and I'll see if you can join a hamachi hosted game.

Edited by Sektor
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Hi again,

I have finally joined to some game and play it online through Hamachi.

But it didn't work with "Game Hunter" but wth the standard "GTA2 Manager".


Thanks to Sector for your all previous posts.


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I need to change GH so when joining a Hamachi game, it puts the hosts Hamachi IP in the registry. Right now it just puts no IP address which makes GTA2 search for a LAN game but it might not work in some cases when Hamachi IP is in another subnet or broadcast traffic is blocked.

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  • 8 months later...
  • 4 weeks later...

I looked today at this thread title and one questions popped into mind.



If there were no multiplayer in GTA2 then would be there a lot less people who would play GTA2 these days?


What do you think?

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What? Do you mean that there are people still playing GTA 2? No idea, man! tounge2.gif

Well, I always play GTA 2 on my own, so I can't give a good answer, but most likely it has helped a bit.

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  • 2 years later...
  • 4 years later...
  • 3 months later...

Hi everyone ! :colgate:


Yesterday evening, I installed GTA 2 v11.44 and Game Hunter v1.597. Since I played the game in solo for thousand of hours (not that I was so good, I only liked to spend time on it), years ago, I'd be excited to try it online.

I'm waiting on Game Hunter (same nickname as in forum). See you around :cool:




/edit : 2 questions :


I read in the FAQ :

"Q: Why does it say "Debug flags are different"?
A: Every player needs to run GTA2 Manager and tick "do sync checks". This option is called "exit on desync" in GTA2 Game Hunter.

--> I see the desync button when I creat game, but can't find any "do sync checks" button in the GTA2 manager .



I can join game on Game Hunter but when I creat one, people try to join without success (No firewall activated on my PC). If only I can join a game, does it mean that my ports are successfully forwarded and that everything's OK ?

Edited by Guiyom
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Do sync checks and exit on desync are the same. Just two different ways of changing the same registry key. The FAQ wasn't very clear what that means, so I updated it now.

Q: Why does it say "Debug flags are different"?
A: It means there are different debug options selected in GTA2 Manager debug tab. Make sure to tick the same as your opponents (cheat settings are ignored, so they don't have to be the same).


I circled the "do sync checks" option but GTA2 Game Hunter will take care of that for you, it's only really needed if there are some joiners that aren't using GH.




2. Sometimes UPnP will allow joining but you still won't be able to host. Read the FAQ about port forwarding and disabling UPnP. It's also possible the people that tried to join don't have open ports, so find out if they can join others.

Edited by Sektor
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  • 8 months later...

I Download the GTA 2 Game Hunter but a after i install the patch and start GTA2 Game Hunter my windows 8 doesn't work to GTA 2 Game Hunter Like This


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  • 2 months later...

I installed GTA2 game hunter and noticed that it changes some options such as the "do blood" thing. Also I think the game speed was a bit higher after using GH. What settings does it change?

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  • 2 years later...
2 hours ago, FulValBot said:

I'm/we are unable to connect to server...

Server seems to be working for me. Make sure you are using version v1.598 and you don't have any software blocking IRC 6667 out bound connections.

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I have only windows firewall and firewall of my router... that port is not blocked


i have already that version of gh


edit: now works fine (for now)

Edited by FulValBot
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  • 3 months later...

Is the GTA2 multiplayer still active or do people not play it as often anymore? I tried playing the game but for some reason no one seems to be connected.

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