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two for one.....almost


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I recently grabbed a car and headed for the airport to try and get the roll over achievment, as we all know the second you drive onto the runways you recieve a four star wanted level. So being chased by gobbs of police I proceded to have some fun by launching my car off the little yellow blast signs, when on my tenth or eleventh try I thought I had it. My car went flying through the air over at least four cop cars completing four out of the five rolls required, while still in mid air over a bunch of prickly pork, I heard the bleep of an achievment and saw to my utter amazment that I did not unlock the roll over achievment, but instead unlocked the walk free achievment.

Now, the walk free achievment is supposed to unlock after you succesfully outrun a four star wanted level on foot, but was miraculously bestowed upon my criminal while over the top of cops with a four star wanted level while still in the car.

I was curious, has this happened to anyone else?

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