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[Suggestion]: 'Custom' In-Game Radio Stations


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Personally as a big fan of Grand Theft Auto since the beginning of it's existence I am proud to say that GTA 4 is by far the best release yet. But now I must get on to the point.


I feel that injecting a "Favourites" in-game radio station which allows you to add and play any of the selected songs from the current radio stations already implemented in addition to actually implementing yet another radio station tagged as "Custom" is what we've all been wanting for a while now.


The "Favourites" radio station will simply work in a method of created shortcuts to playback certain tracks instead of the continued 'loops' for every radio station. In order to add tracks of your likings from other radio stations, the user will then use the cellular phone with a phone number to identify that track to be properly 'injected' into the "Favourites" radio station.


The "Custom" radio station will consist of songs that will be read from your Shared Network directory on your PS3 and allow you, the user, to insert/copy over specified tracks to a data-stored audio directory for GTA 4 which would be either MP3, WAV or the current GTA 4 readable audio format(if not already in WAV) where the game will then initialize that directory upon selecting the "Custom" radio station allowing the user to play the inserted/copied tracks in-game.


Now I'm more then certain that a lot of people would agree that this is without doubt a great idea due to the reason that not everyone likes the music in GTA 4. Some people would rather prefer their own style or even origin(Spanish, Jamaican, Russian, French, etc.) If you feel that you agree to my suggestion or would like to add anything to this concept, please feel free to make a post with your ideas. Also, please refrain from ignorant/uncalled comments.


Thanks in advance,


Kutless1 (PS3 Online Tag)

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This board is for forum suggestions. This sort of topic should be posted in the GTAIV section.

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This forum is for making suggestions for theh GTANet family of websites, not the game itself. kthx.


edit: Beaten to the punch. This is why I stop trying.


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