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need a little help!


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someone can help me out it would be great, i just started playing and got to the point where you get the option to do elisabeta's missions and i was finishing manny's second mission and now i don't have the option to get anybody elses missions...anything i can do??

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Try calling everybody, taking all your friends out, checking/responding to your email, doing "friend" missions, etc. Do all that stuff and let a few game days go by and see if things move forward.


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thanks...tried that though, but ill keep doing the side missions for now..thanks again

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Some people have reported an apparent bug where the new event spawns hang up like that. I haven't had that problem, but the opinions I've read are:


1. There might be a bug that kicks in when you save the game just before a scripted phone call happens. The game sorta thinks it made the call and it didn't, and so the story stalls.


2. There might be a bug connected to autosaving that screws up event spawning.


Either way, you seem to be fairly screwed. If you've let some time go by in the game (say, a week in game time) and you've done the side missions and you're absolutely sure that there isn't a mission spawn on the map that you're missing, you might have no alternative but to start the game over.


Turn off autosave (forces you to save at safehouses) and cycle your saves through 2-3 save slots. I've been doing that in every GTA title since GTA3 and it's saved my butt more times than I can remember. If the save game corrupts or you get yourself into a screwy situation, you just fall back on your prior save - you may lose a few missions, but you won't have to restart the whole freakin' game.


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