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Similar charcters to SA

David 741

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Well I'll try to list some....



Mad and insane - Catalina and Faustin


Corrupt Cop - Tenpenny and Francis


Adrenline junkie? - OG Loc and Brucie (Brucie could also be similar to Cesar racing guy)


Anti government agent? - Taureno and U.L Paper guy


I'm sure there are many more...


I still think SA had the most unique characters, such as Big Smoke or Woozie.

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Sorry mate, all GTA games have completely mad characters and crooked cops. All the other things you said are a bit superficial. LOC isn't a junkie. He's a wannabe rapper.

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Claude GTA3

Besides, SA was filled with stereotypes.

user posted image

"Stealing, running, fighting, punching, kicking, screaming. This is the way I have chosen to live. I will accept the consequences"

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Jacob likes chicken and so does Dwayne. They are both black.


And Bernie is a standard gay sterotype....


All GTA is full of sterotypes....


And Yes OG Loc is a wannabe rapper e could be comapred to Pathos then...


But his personalty is 'up in your face' like Brucie...

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My recollection of OG LOC was that of an idiot and a coward. I'm not saying that he's entirely unlike Brucie in that respect, but not so much of an adrenaline junkie in my opinion.

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I honestly see no resemblence with anybody in with to anybody in any other GTA, and especially not in San Andreas. The other GTAs had fun characters while the ones in IV were boring as hell.

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