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The Man Who Once Spoke


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Um, if you think that then how will you ever know why Catalina betrayed him? What ever happened to Tommy and Paulie? Why did he stop talking? How did he end up meeting Catalina?


Oh yeah but if you think that, then go ahead. You'll be surprised wink.gif

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you know somethin Carbine this is good but i don't it his dad stopped beating him after he stabbed his ass my kid stabbed me i would kill him and your story has his dad scared man but the cop part and sh*t is good too o doubt cookie.gifcookie.gif

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no offense but i have no idea what the hell you just typed up

I'm not trying to be mean but i have no idea what you just wrote

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of course i can only understand stupid words anyways write more dude it is very interesting

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sorry for double posting but Carbine i wasn't callin your stuff stupid when i typed that i was talking about my own stuff i like this story man i do i only read 14 chapters but i like it smile.gifsmile.gif

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Oh my god i wish i can delete this guy's posts. It's contaminating this topic with pure bullsh*t that i don't understand.


Updates coming soon. Haven't been in the mood of writing, but i will always update this till its fully finished. I promise. Possibly today i'll write the next chapter and post it because i have nothing to do.

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Just finished up the Vercetti strand, I told you I'd catch up with this eventually! tounge.gif Funny to imagine the Colombians attacking Claude, when ten? years later they do it all over again lol.gif. I'll start on the Paulie strand soon enough.

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user posted image


Chapter 35: Paparazzi Part 1


It was another hot day in vice city, but the air inside Brook’s car was cold and chilly. It was dark out, and we were waiting on the corner of a Little Haiti street. We were watching people enter the nightclub across the street from our car. We were looking out for the major figure in the crowd; Manza. From the looks of his mug shot, Manza appears to look like one of those pimps from the Holland area of Liberty City. He would be wearing purple-like clothes with a hat that had a purplish feather coming out of it. He was pretty much untouched in Vice City because he is unknown to the VCDP. Everybody thinks he’s a rich Haitian food company owner but he’s really a top leader for the Little Haiti gang. Me and Brooks were ready to bring this crack-head into court along with his troubling gang.


“You see him?” I asked Brooks.

“No, but he’s out there. Depend on it,” Brooks said.

“Well I can’t depend if we are going to have enough evidence on this guy,” I said.

“Apparently he’s a Haitain food company owner, but too bad the press doesn’t know his real role,” he said.

“What happens if we found out he was putting drugs in the Haitian food or if he was importing drugs through there? Do you think It’s a possibility?” I said to Brooks.

“Anything’s possible Claude. First we need a couple of shots of him, then we try to analyze the info you told me from your unknown source. Are you even gonna tell me where you got this info from?” he asked.

“Keep the dick in your pants Brooks,” I said to him with a little chuckle after.

“Well maybe you should stop stretching your balls over your head,” Brooks laughed.

“Oh look who’s tough now,” I said.

“Claude, look! That’s him!” Brooks interrupted me as he pointed to a man in pimp clothing.

“That’s him. What’s our plan?” I asked him.

“Get the camera out, and let’s go,” Brooks said as he opened the car door and exited it.

“Brooks, your one crazy son of a b*tch,” I whispered to myself as I grabbed the camera and exited the car.


There was a huge line of photographers and paparazzi’s standing besides the door, interviewing those who were entering the club. Apparently even though Little Haiti is one crappy dogsh*t neighborhood, this club attracts the famous and is said to be wild and fun. Too bad I won’t be having fun. Manza was shaking hands with the public while whorish TV newscasters were sticking their microphones in his mouth. Brooks literally pushed through the crowd with force, and tried to make it to the front. I was behind the huge crowd, holding the camera firmly in my hands, with the strap around my neck. Since it was a nightclub I had to wear tan colored suit, just so I looked fancy.


“Alright, enough, enough with the cameras people! Mr. Manza, a pleasure to meet you,” Brooks said as he shook Manza’s hand.

“Nice to meet you mr….?” Manza said in confusion because he didn’t know Brooks name.

“Mr. Brooks. Police Chief of the V.C.P.D. Quite a party you’re throwing,” he said to Manza.

“Ah yes. I’m sure you’ll be able to find a lot of ladies and drinks for your pleasure,” Manza said.

“You mean a good sex on the beach? Hahahha!” Brooks laughed along with Manza as they chuckled at Brook’s reference to the alcoholic drink “sex on the beach.”


I could see they were having a goodtime, but that wasn’t important to me. I raised the camera up to my eyebrow looking through the small rectangular shot box. I aimed down at Manza, who was still laughing. I clicked the button, and the camera flashed. Mugshot#1 of Manza complete.


Everybody walked into the club, and all the photographers were left outside. I got access because I was a guest with Brooks. The nightclub was pretty neat. A large dance floor with a small stage stood in the middle of the building, and on the sides were plenty of seats, and two bars. It was dark inside and disco lights shined through the room as people got drunk and grinded with the hottest girls in town. Me and Brooks got a seat to discuss business. The music was so loud that we could barely hear each other.


“You got the first shot!” Brooks screamed to me through the thick sound waves.

“Yeah! A perfect one of him laughing. Was it a corny joke, or was he just in a good mood?” I screamed back.

“A good old corny joke. Now listen! Go up to him and introduce yourself! Then take a group photo of him!” Brooks said back to me.

“Alright!” I said to him.


I grabbed my camera and went over to his table on the other side of the club. He was hanging out with three pimp figures, and two women. They were all drinking tons of alcohol and smoking cigars like there was no tomorrow. The smoke was so dense, I could feel a cloud of it go up into my head and out through my eyes. My eyes were turning red and it looked like I was crying.


“Mr. Manza? Um, hi I’m a guest here along with Mr. Brooks the police chief,” I said to him as I shook his hand.

“Ah, sex on the beach dude? Hahaha!” he laughed.

“Ugh yeah. You see I’m from the Midwest, and I like to collect pictures of famous people I see, or people from other places. Can I get a group picture of you guy?” I asked him.

“Sure dog,” he said back to me.


I positioned my camera as the 6 of them scrunched together for the picture. I aimed my camera at them and snapped a shot. The flash blinded them for a second, but then they opened their eyes. Mugshot#2 complete


“Say. You want a smoke kid?” he said to me.

“No thank you. I don’t smoke,” I said to him.

“Come on. Take it. Just take it!” he said to me holding the cigar in his hand.

“I don’t know. Cancer, black lungs, lots of sh*t you can get from smoking,” I said.

“Just take it. There fresh from Haiti. My gift to you,” he said to me.

“Ok,” I said with a smile as I took the cigar and attempted to put it in my pocket.

“Come on. Smoke it right now,” he said with a smile.


I gave a smile and put it in my mouth. I tilted my head towards his lighter and watched the end of the cigar light up. I took an inhale from the smoke, and then began to cough very loudly.


“Hahaha! White boys first time,” one of Manza’s goons said.

“Hey this isn’t that bad,” I said as I coughed.

“My treat kid,” Manza said.

“I’m no kid,” I said as I stuck the cigar in my mouth again and walked away with a smile.


I walked over to Brooks still smoking that delicious cigar In my mouth. Brooks was shocked when I came over to him.


“Where’d you get that cigar?” he said as he started to freak out.

“Manza gave it to me. I got one more shot of him,” I said.

“Manza gave that to you!” he screamed.

“Yeah? So?” I said in confusion.

“Give me that,” Brooks said as he grabbed the cigar away from my mouth and held it in his hand.

“Hey! What’d you do that for?” I said to him.

“Manza gave this to you. Manza supposedly imports drugs into Vice City. Maybe this cigar is evidence for that,” Brooks stated.

“Yeah, that’s great. Can I smoke it a little more?” I said to him eagerly.

“Sh*t. No wonder you’re acting a little weird. There must be some kind of addicting drug in here that’s more powerful then tobacco. Tobacco doesn’t take that short amount of time to get addicted to. Come on, we’re getting out of here,” he said to me.

“What about the other mug shots?” I said back.

“We’ll get them later,” Brooks said as he grabbed me.


There was only one thought running through my head. I want another puff of that delicious cigar.


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I really think Brooks is one of thoes typicall stressed out yet funny to laugh at cops you see in the movies. Claude must change lots because in these stories he is quite a nice guy....

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Exfernis says their is Cocaine in that cigar


Keep it up, Carbine. I've been reading this but never commented.

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Chapter 36: Paparazzi Part 2


We dropped by the police lab to give in the cigar as evidence for possible drugs. Brooks believes that the cigar might contain drugs in them like cocaine or something worse. I believed him though, because a force more powerful then nicotine was running through my head like a wild animal. It was the next day already from our short brief night at the Manza Realm nightclub. Brooks was ready for more mug shots.


“Did you think yesterday was fun?” Brooks said to me.

“Yeah, why?” I asked.

“Good, because your doing it again. We only got two mug shots, and we need a few more. God knows how you even got this information. Come on get the camera and let’s go,” Brooks said to me.

“I don’t want to Brooks. I just don’t know why, but I don’t want to,” I said to him.

“Claude. When I looked at you dump that body into the water, I could see that stone cold killer in you. You have something deep inside you that triggers your violence, and yet you keep it away all the time. When will you reveal it?” he asked.

“I won’t,” I said after 5 seconds of brief silence.


I grabbed the camera and walked out of the police office not saying another word. Brooks followed me and we got into the car. He discussed future plans with me as we drove to our destination.


“Ok we are driving to his house,” Brooks said.

“What? Are you crazy?” I yelled at him in shock.

“Hey! Stop being such a p*ssy and do your job! Now, as I was saying we’re driving to his house. You’re going to hide in the bushes and snap shots of things that are going on in his backyard,” he said.

“And how do you know he’s going to be in his backyard? What happens if he sees me? What happens if he sees the flash?” I said to him.

“Ok, when Manza isn’t out doing his sh*t, he’s always in the backyard. Your going to be wearing a mask incase he catches you. Run to my car if that happens. And this is a special camera so there’s no flashes, and no noise unlike the one from last night,” he explained to me.

“Fine, I just hope you know what you’re doing,” I said to him.

“Keep the dick in your pants,” he said back to me making a smile on his face.

“Using my jokes now? What would happen if I said that I banged your wife? Would you smile then?” I said to him with a smile also.

“Only if she told me you had a small dick there,” he laughed.

“Bastard,” I smiled back.


We stopped on a corner on Starfish Island. I was on the same piece of land that Tommy’s mansion was on. Beautiful homes, but they were all homes to big crime lords or filthy rich people who don’t give a sh*t about life. Brook’s handed me my mask and I put it on. It was a ski mask like they used in robberies. I held onto my camera and exited the car. Brooks took out a cigarette and lit one up as he saw me walk on the side of the house. There were big bushes in front of the wall surrounding his backyard. There was a small gate leading into the backyard, but it was being guarded by a man. Luckily there was nobody on the street, so it was my chance to attack.


“Pssst. Over here,” I whispered to him as I hid in the bush.

“Who said that? Show yourself!” he screamed.

“Over here. Come and get me you fat asshole,” I said to him.

“Oh that’s it motherf*cker, you dead!” he said as he started walking into the bushes


He didn’t know where I was in the bushes however. He peaked his head through to see if he can get a glance at me. I raised my elbow and smashed it on the top of his bald head. He fell down towards the ground, and then I grabbed him by the neck. I wrapped both of my hands around his neck and started to press in, choking him. Sweat that smelt like sh*t was crawling down his face, as he tried to get rid of my hands. He was spazzing out, making little sounds, and his face was turning as pale as snow. Soon he stopped making such sounds. I let go of his neck. He was dead. I pulled his body into the bush so nobody could see him. I then looked in his pocket and found the keys to the backyard gate.


“Sorry bud, it’s my job,” I said to him as I ran out of the bush.


Nobody was in the backyard. It was big, full of hedges and had a huge pool to comfort yourself in. I knew I would be able to hide in the bushes, as long as nobody saw me. I went up to the gate and quickly opened it with the key, and then I closed it. I snuck over to the hedges facing the pool, and the doors to the back of the house. I took out my camera and prepared myself for Manza to come out. Well I waited 30 minutes and still nobody came out. I was literally bored, and I wanted to go jump in that pool. Then I saw somebody open the backdoors to the house, and I saw Manza, 3 male figures, and a woman come out. The woman was black, and she was in a tight, sexy bathing suit. I prepared my camera for the mug shots. Manza and everybody else sat in chairs facing the pool. The woman however dived straight into the pool to get a nice cool swim. Looks like downtown was rock solid.


“Ok man have you got the import from those Colombians,” one man said.

“I haven’t got sh*t from those Hispanic f*cks. They don’t have the balls to face us Haitians in a gang war. We’d rape their ass,” Manza said.

“F*cking Colombians,” another one said.

“Hey baby why don’t you get out of the pool and come massage me,” Manza said.

“Why don’t you come in here?” she said.

“Because I’m the f*cking man bitch, now get out of the pool,” Manza said to her.


Manza got into a position where he was lying on his belly, awaiting his girl to come over. She got out of the pool and walked over to him. I was waiting for the perfect moment for a shot. Another goon took out a bag of white stuff and opened it up. He then dropped the whole stash onto the table in front of Manza. Manza put his head in it, and sniffed it up his goddamn nose. I took a shot with my silent camera. Mugshot#3 complete. His girlfriend then took a dab on her finger, and sniffed it up her nose. I took another shot. Mugshot#4 complete. She then spread massaging oil on her hands and started to rub it on Manza’s back. I looked at the camera for a second and noticed there was a button that said “video.” It would be better to capture the conversation then take a mug shot, right? I pressed the button that said video. Then I pressed another button that said record. The camera film started rolling.


“Baby not to hard,” Manza said.

“What about those Asians from San Andreas. I hear that they have drug sh*t to deal with. It’s some Vietnamese gang,” a goon said.

“Vietnamese?” Manza asked.

“Yeah. They import a load of sh*t from Southeast Asia. Some things that nobody here has experienced,” a goon said.

“Do they have money?” Manza asked.

“No, they want our money,” Manza’ goon said.

“They want our money? Those motherf*ckers. You know how hard I worked to get this sh*t. I had to use extortion, imports, gambling and all that other sh*t. You know that bank robbery about 2 years ago? All me. I grabbed the money, and just ran. Nobody ever found out. They wouldn’t expect some fake food company owner to rob a bank right?” Manza laughed.


That was it, I didn’t need to record anymore. I pressed stop on the camera. That was all the evidence I needed. Manza was going to get raped by the authorities.


“Why don’t you guys talk about something else then drugs?” she said.

“What are you onto bitch? I have man stuff to talk about and I don’t need you screwing that up. Come on fellas, lets take our business inside,” Manza said as he got up.


All the men walked into the house, and she followed them. This was my chance to get out. When they were inside, I quickly jumped out of the side of the bush and went to the gate. I pulled out my keys fidgeting, because I didn’t want them to catch me. I pulled out the keys finally. There were 8 different types of keys and I didn’t know which one was which. I started getting nervous. Then I heard the door open from the house. I stopped in my tracks.


“Filming my man?” the woman said.


I shook my head.


“Your lucky though. He’s too screwed up in the head to know that you would be trying to catch him. I suppose it’s all worth it,” she said as she walked toward me.


I stayed silent.


“You have a name?” she asked.


I shook my head.


“Wanna tell me it?” she laughed.


I shook my head horizontally.


“I like silent men. They have more patience with a woman,” she said as she bent down lower towards my dick.


I grabbed her body and pulled her up. I wanted to get the hell out of here, and she was blocking that.


“Why not?” she said in a sad face.


I shook my head horizontally. She took my keys from my hands and went over to the gate. She opened it up for me.


“You owe me silent man,” she said.


I ran the hell out of there and towards the car on the corner. Who ever knew that staying silent could get you free p*ssy.


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icon14.gif great work and your story is making senes i was wandering when will he be silent but i have a request wherer is tommy now and toni and vic and cj and why not is tommy getting suspious and pls do not make him silent so soon but still great work icon14.gif and reply my post

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icon14.gif  great work and your story is making senes i was wandering when will he be silent but i have a request wherer is tommy now and toni and vic and cj and why not is tommy getting suspious and pls do not make him silent so soon but still great work  icon14.gif  and reply my post

He's not going to stay silent off that, but that was like a beginning note or sign. And calm down about Tommy, let me just tell the story already. Your questions will be answered soon icon14.gif


EDIT: Dude just because it's a fanfic doesn't mean i have to have every GTA main character in there. I like making up my own, and Tommy is already in the story. I find that having a lot of main characters in one story is gay, so i just put Tommy in there. Also when i was young i used to think that Tommy was the same guy as the one in GTA3, but yet i was proven wrong after i realized it. No, i don't believe there will be more GTA main characters in my story, but you will definitely see those minor or other characters from GTA in the future.

Edited by Carbine23
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Whoever thought staying silent could get you free pussy? cry.gif. I didn't! I'll have to try that sometime. Shifty41s_beerhatsmilie2.gif.


But yeah, great two chapters. Or one, technically. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that he was so blunt about what the stuff he did to get the money. Ack, I dunno. It just seemed weird in my book (or your book, lol.)


But otherwise, great job. Can't wait to see more. Here. For you. cookie.gif

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Well he's supposed to be crazy in the head about money because he grew up very poor and he doesn't want to lose any of it.


Chapter 37: A Nice Cup of Coffee


Brooks didn’t even think about using the video camera. Seems my smartness revealed a lot more then what was supposed to. We had evidence on drug imports, extortions and a bank robbery with an unknown suspect a few years ago. We officially had enough evidence for him. To get him was a problem though. We can’t just storm through his house because we don’t know where he is half the time.


“We got the schmuck where we want him. Enough evidence to bring him down,” Brooks pointed out.

“What about he gang. This is all work handed out by him. What happens if we find out more evidence on the gang, and send the whole Haitian neighborhood to court? Why don’t we just interrogate him?” I suggested.

“You know that isn’t a bad idea, and here’s house we are going to get him. You see this GPS device right here? You’re going to go to his house again and plug it in under the car in front of his house. Make sure nobody sees you,” Brooks said

“Again? Why do I have to do this sh*t again?” I said to him.

“Because you’re the man with no last name,” Brooks said as he dropped the device in my hand.

“Prick,” I whispered to myself.


Brooks stopped the car across the street from Manza’s mansion. There was nobody in front of the house, and the trees basically covered the windows. Now was my chance to set it up.


“Alright go!” Brooks said to me.

“I swear to god I’ll kick your ass one day,” I said to him as I left the car.


I quickly ran across the street looking for any signals of people. This street on Starfish Island was a quiet one compared to Tommy’s block. Manza’s red Infernus was sitting in front of the house. Manza was either someplace else, or he was too high in his pretty little mansion. I ducked next to the car and put my head through the bottom. I knew exactly where I had to hook up the device. I connected a few wired cables to the motor, and then attached the device on the bottom. I was all done, in a matter of 5 minutes. I quickly got up from under the car and rested beside it, catching my breath from the gaseous stench.


“Hey! What are you doing near my car?” someone shouted at me.

“Huh?” I said as I turned my head at the corner.

“What the f*ck you doing here?” the man said as he approached me.

“I’m sorry sir, I’m really sorry,” I pleaded to him.

“Hey, aren’t you that guy? You know the one from the party last night?” he said.

“Oh yeah. Nice to meet you again,” I said as I shook Manza’s hand.

“What are you doing here? I’m gone for about 2 hours hanging out with my friends, and I come back to see somebody stalking my car,” Manza laughed.

“Well it’s a beautiful car, and I was just checking it out. I might want one someday, and again I’m really sorry,” I said to him.

“It’s ok. Hey you want to come in for a second? For a nice cup of coffee?” he asked.

“That’s ok I gotta go anyway,” I said to him.

“No, hold on. Just come in, I insist. I owe you for screaming at you like a random stranger,” he said.

“I guess one cup won’t hurt,” I said to him.

“Great. Come along,” Manza said as he opened his front door.


Brooks looked at me confused but I waved my hand making a 5 minute signal, as I waked into this beautiful mansion. What a sight though. The entrance room had a beautifully decorated carpet spread out on the floor with two stairways making the letter U and going to the second floor. A large French chandelier hung from the ceiling even though it wasn’t illuminated since it was daylight.


“Come this way,” Manza said.


We walked into his beautiful kitchen. Manza started getting the coffee brewed while I sat at the nice wood cut table. After the brewing process began, Manza came over to my table.


“So where are you from boy,” Manza asked.

“The Midwest. Some small suburban town. And you?” I said to him.

“Holland, Liberty City. The upper sh*tty part of Algonquin,” he said to me.

“Always wanted to go to Liberty City. I heard it’s the city that’s never safe,” I laughed.

“It aint a joke where I used to live. Homeless people walking around, nights without eating, living was sh*t up there. I hear it was worse for the folks in Bohan. Then I came down here and brought my family traditions into a company. A lot of Haitians live here, so it was good business,” he said to me.

“Really, you like making food down here?” I said to him.

“Oh yeah. I bring a special ingredient to everything I cook. Even coffee,” he said as he smiled in a weird way.


A thought ran through my head, about the cocaine in the cigar. He put a drug in his cigars, and it was a possibility he put it in his food. He just said he puts a secret ingredient in everything he makes. Drugs are addicting and if people buy something not knowing that there are drugs in it, then they’ll keep buying it. The addicting drugs in food will make Manza more money as more people buy it. It made perfect sense, but only one problem. Manza was basically serving me drugs with his coffee.


“You know maybe I should go?” I said to him.

“Why?” Manza asked.


The coffee machine then made a weird noise and shut off for a second.


“Piece of sh*t,” Manza said as he walked over to the machine.

“Oh yeah I forgot, I was supposed to meet someone at the beach. I’ll catch you later,” I said to him.

“Ok, but stop by more often,” Manza said to me.

“Thanks for the offer,” I said as I walked my way out of that house.


Drugs, drugs, drugs, drugs and more drugs surrounded my head. It was giving me a huge headache, and everything was happening so fast. From basically seeing my dead father in a hospital to almost being served coffee with sugar in it. Not sugar, but you can say that it’s white, soft, and sweet for the mind.

Edited by Carbine23
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Absolutely amazing! I burst out laughing at the"Looks like downtown was rock solid" part too. Keep it up.



Exfernis has the feeling the girl is actually Catalina
Edited by Exfernis
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Exfernis has the feeling the girl is actually Catalina

I don't the think the girl is Catalina cause she wouldn't take that kind of sh*t from anyone

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Ok rugby got the point. The woman was black so she's not Catalina. It wasn't even pointing a reference to her. However don't exactly correct him next time, because i like how people suspect something that might not be true. And i'm glad Exfernis, that you understood the "downtown rock solid" reference biggrin.gif


Don't know when next chapter is coming out. I'm watching Deadwood, and hanging out more lately now so i haven't been able to write.

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Caught up with the story now, f*cking awesome mercie_blink.gificon14.gif


I'm liking the little in-jokes you're dropping in there too, it gives it the GTA feel that it should have colgate.gif


Subscribed to the topic too, can't wait for the next chapter smile.gifcookie.gif


Going off-topic a little bit;



Whoever thought staying silent could get you free pussy?

I did, I've tried it. It works ph34r.gif

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New chapter pls.

patience is the key ROOSHANDARK lol.gif

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Oh my god these Rooshandark clones are irritating me for more chapters! Do they expect me to write a chapter up whenever they want? God these people are so rude sometimes. Thanks for the support Daviescirca93 icon14.gif

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Sorry about that but i love your work great man i wish i was not banned but keep it up carbine

Rooshandark clones are irritating

that the only way i can post so sorry

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Sorry about that but i love your work great man i wish i was not banned but keep it up carbine
Rooshandark clones are irritating

that the only way i can post so sorry

The reason you are banned is because Mods don't want you to post, simple as that.

If you're gonna keep coming back with multiple accounts then you're gonna get banned again and again.


That is, unless you get IP banned ph34r.gif


Anyway I don't wanna clog Carbine's thread up with bullsh*t, so I'll stop, great work dude smile.gif

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I hate to be a double posting bitch and all but I thought this was double post-worthy;


user posted image





Enjoy and anyone who's a fan of this story please inclue this into your sig smile.gif .

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