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Had a slight GTA bug today, was more amusing than anything else...


Happened on a mission...


Video quality is crap, as it was on a phone with settings set to "Sharing Quality" LOL MY ARSE!!


Anyway you get the drift from the video, none the less.


user posted image



The best part for me was after it stopped filming, the cops final busted in, and he got unstuck, and after killing 8 or 9 cops he was still out the back, trying to get his car out of the car park, ramming into walls. I couldn't help but think "silly Asian"


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infact it seems everyone in liberty city is, this is why we have no little nipper running around

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on that topic... i saw a kid. and yeah i know you won't believe me. but i tell the story anyway, you guys should know me i always back my stories up with pics or vids... in this case i didnt get a chance...


My wife had just finished making Niko's friends happy by going bowling and getting drunks.


we saw a kid in baseball cap over the other side of the road.. took the controll, switched to sniper and sure enough it was a kid, then he jumped in a cab. i should have chased him down... but dinner was ready.... :S sigh... wives...


oh, just now i saw a car with 3 people in it pull up to a hooker and the one in the rear passenger seat threw a drink at her, she then pulled the driver out and franticly drove off with the others still in the car.

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