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GTA Crash On Loading


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Today From Other Website I Downloaded Some Bikes, Copbike, Quad, And NRG 500..

and i probaly messed something in the vehicle ide/handling/special handling/carcolors

Now i installed a snowmobile from ggm pack, i need a ggm pack for original nrg 500 and copbike or a modded nrg 500/copbike and also a vehicles ide line, handling/special handling and carcols inside the ggm pack,

i dont want to reinstall san andreas cause i got much mods that i dont want to lose


when i installed bikes i did:

when it say vehicles ide on gtagarage mod manager i writed at IDE, when it was handling i did at handling and when it was bottom handling i did special handling. but somehow something dont work.



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It's most likely one of the data files (handling.cfg, carmods.dat, vehicles.ide, carcols.dat, veh_mods.ide)


Check each one, make sure the lines are set up properly. Usually when the game crashes in loading, it's a problem in one of the data files.

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