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edit: forgot about that pinned topic, my bad, mods delete please

Edited by dawg1990

Bye Bye GTAForums, this time leaving for good.


Banned on request.


Edit: Apparently not leaving for good - member has since spammed the boards with racist and pornographic imagery using nearly 20 different accounts.

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Aren't these mean't for Myspace bulletins which no one ever reads?


And didn't you post in said topic that you forgot about? tounge.gif

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60 Cent. Just owned topic.


98.999% Of people are smarter then Dawg1990, if you're part of the 1.001% that are somehow stupider then him, you should just kill yourself now. Put this in your signature if you agree.

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Or, DARE to get to know this guy!

A recent pose in front of Windows XP Pro...to prove I'm no fanboy....FanMan?? hmmmm Maybe!

user posted image

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