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Just got the game for ps3 about two weeks ago, and I'm almost complete. I just have a few questions so far.



I know you can climb ladders, but I've heard that you have the ability to climb telephone poles as well. Is this true, and if so, how?


Who are the random pedestrians? Are they the green man figure on the map that appaer when you're near to them on foot? If so, I already talked to the crackhead, and I just talked to Pathos, i think. There's a map on this forum, or another one that is for 'freaky pedestrians', is this the same deal or just odd, funny pedestrians like the one outside the Bohan savehouse [the 'preacher'].. or like the serial killer in San Andreas.



Also, in Deconstruction for beginners there is a lift on the side of the building. Are there any other buildings that hae lifts, and which ones are they?


Thanks in advance.

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No you cant climb poles.


Yes there are various 'blue' figures on the map that are pedestrian missions. Some of them contribute to 100% completion.


I have only found of one other lift round the side of majestic hotel or woteva its called in Algonquin. havent found others.


That it?

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Hahaha, yeah man, pretty much. Thanks.. one of the official sites talked about climbing telephone poles or some sh*t.. but yeah. =/



thread over.

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there's at least one other 'lift' in algonquin. i haven't fully explored the island or unlocked alderney so maybe others as well..

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There's also a lift on a building near the Goldberg, Ligner & Shyster building. It's located more towards the south though so try looking in the South Parkway area.

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