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what do i do next?


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I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO NEXT!!!!! i have reached the piont where i can buy propertys and i have bought the printing press-club malibu-pole position-boat yard-a couple private condos-kaughfman cabs-cherry popper ice cream-and i have done all the missions to every place and i dont know what else to DO!!!!! suicidal.gif lance has called me again complaning he hasnt got a fair slice-and i have cheched the house for another mission there but i got nothing--- but i just dont know what else to do--mission wise-- i just cant find any more and i know i havnt beat the game! SO PLEASE TELL ME WAHT I AM DOING WRONG OR HAVENT DONE!!!! angry.gifsuicidal.gifsuicidal.gifsuicidal.giframpage_ani.gif


thank you anuj_cop.gif

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Next you need to complete ANY 5 assets out of the possible 8. Those assets you bought have missions inside of them.


Once done.. You will recieve a phone call.

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There are 8 businesses available for purchase-- only 4 of them give you missions in the traditional sense (with pink markers)....


The remaining businesses have you do "tasks" to complete them-- related to the business.


Getting in a vehicle at/near the asset is a good idea--

Cherry poppers-- get in the ice cream truck

Boat yard get in one of the boats there.


Sunshine autos tasks are vague-- you will need to steal and deliver cars to complete it-- there is a board behind and below the showroom with a list-- deliver the cars to the garage next to the board with the list.


Pole position is vague also-- go into the back room and spend $300


For more details-- see this post I'm stuck, how do I get the final missions.


Just realize, VC has ALOT of side mission strings that can and should be done-- they don't contribute to the storyline missions so the story (final missions) can be done without doing them-- the are still alot of fun


Avery's missions open up about 6-7 more

Love fist, mitch baker, and phils place are sides also that are all side missions too...


To get the final missions:


1. Complete Printworks missions.

2. Complete any 5 other businesses missions/tasks- so the businesses are generating cash.

3. Complete the vercetti missions at the mansion, so the mansion is generating cash like the businesses..


The above can be done in any order-- when the final required thing is done, you will get a call for the first of 2 final missions... the printworks is integral to the story (why it needs to be done)....



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