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Xbox 360 Compression Tricks


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So, I've heard a lot that the 360 is able of running compressed files and with some other software, it can shrink a lot of the game spaces. It also said more stuff, on how it worked, and that is what determines that the DVD-9 will live a lot longer with the 360. Anyone got any clue, source, or anything at all about it?

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...everything uses compressed file formats, dude. Everything from textures to audio to models (using normal maps)

Edited by Otter
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What I heard is that M$ has some fancy softwares that compress the game itself, not the formats. I remember I read that using that technology, they made a game that looked like Quake 2, with the same ammount of stuff, only with better models, textures and lightning, and the total of the game was 100KB, and Q2 is like 200-300MB

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I remember there was a a game, more of a tech demo really, that had really good graphics and everything and was somewhere around 200 kb. I think what it did was build all the game resources (textures, maps, models, etc) while loading. How it did this I have no idea, but it was pretty cool.


But it took forever to load obviously, the whole thing lasted like 5 minutes of playing, but took around 3 minutes to load.

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<removed because it was a little too 'warezy' for my tastes>


Edit - just to satisfy anyone's curiosity - a lot of demoscene dudes are involved with warez releases. So they make all these really cool apps, 3d graphics or audio visualizations, procedurally generated music, etc as backgrounds or shells for apps like keygens, etc.


There's some really amazing work out there, but I'd rather have you seek it out for your own than promote anything edwards might have a problem with.

Edited by Otter
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