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Not hanging out with the boys like brucie


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Do I have to hang out with the boys? I heard they give you free stuff is this true?

What are the consequences for not hanging with them?

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Next time you need a better title.

Brucie - Chopper - Flys you anywhere in a chopper for free, i forgot what % you need before he rings you


Roman - Car Service - Sends a funny indian taxi driver, free taxi rides


Little Jacob - Guns - sells you guns cheap really good one


Packie - Bomb - gives you free bombs to use if you wish



Dwanye - Backup - sends two boys to protect you, btw you only get him if you kill playboy x


you need a certain % before they ring you and tell you their abilities, take them out alot and they will give you abilities




and also for girlfriends


Alex - clothes discount take her out on atleast two - three dates, gives half price for clothes


Carmen - Health Boost take her out on atleast two or three dates, she refils your health


Kiki - Clear wanted take her out on atleast two or three dates, she clears 3* wanted level or below 3* wanted level.


in order to get these girls go online ingame, internet cafe, go on love-meet ask to date sobohoe (carmen) and lawchick(kiki)


and for alex go on www.craplist.net ingame and go to women seeking men or something and go to the 29 year old girl and ask for a date, she takes a while to respond back, and also when you ask for a date for each girl go to your inbox and it will tell you your date time and click reply, wanted to tell about girls, might help you.

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tarquin biscuitbarrel

there are no consequences, but it's fun.


remember the mini-games/activities from san andreas where you could only do them alone or with some brainless gang members with no personality. with IV you can do activities with your 'friends', and they add some very funny dialogue.


when you get really friendly with someone, they give you a bonus prize. not very useful, but a bit of fun to play with.


jacob - you buy cheap weapons.

roman - free taxi.

brucie - free helicopter taxi.

packie - free car bomb (triggered via phone).

dwayne - free backup (2 street thugs).



kiki - remove 3 wanted stars.

carmen - heal to full health (although doesn't work most of the time).

alex - 50% clothes discount for 24 hours.

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