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I think I found something

Snake Without a Tongue

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Snake Without a Tongue

I was bored and ready to stop playing awhile ago so I started to just randomly kill people for the hell of it. From a boat, I sighted up a guy standing on the shore of a beach and shot him with a sniper rifle in the balls. He dropped his phone, grabbed his groin with both hands, and fell backwards. Then he got up, put his knees together and hobbled away with his arms flailing over his head.


This NEVER happens in close combat. Not for me anyway.


My theory is that there were originally more specific injury animations, but R* took them out. What I don't understand is why they might (unless I'm mistaken) still be present in the game from a distance.


To test my theory out, I tried other parts of the body. I shot a hobo in the foot and he limped. And I'm NOT mistaking the animations with the old 'grab stomach and slump off' animation. These are unique.


Of all the body parts I shot, those were the only new ones I could find. Balls and feet. And they only worked from a very long distance.


If I'm right, I'm kinda pissed that they didn't leave them in. To be honest, I'd like to be able to get a reaction to a balls shot.

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I see what you mean. In Deconstruction for Beginners, I was shooting random peds with the sniper rifle, and this guy actually started limping when I shot his foot. I never saw that before since people usually grab their stomach and hobble away. In close range, when I shoot people in the foot, they'll grab their stomach as well.



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