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One man army achievement


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for sme reason, i can't get one man army achievement (survive on 6 stars for 5 mins). I use the health cheat trying to do it, and it says that it blocks the achievemnt "cleaned the mean streets" but nothing about one man army. I have timed, and gone for up to seven minutes, but no result. i also use the weapon cheat, which blocks the same achievemnt, and the car cheat. why won't it work? devil.gif

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I suggest you don't use the cheats. Buy enough ammo, and buy some armor, go the the heli tours place. Kill everyone there, but stay near a heli so you can get away when on 6 stars. Keep shooting at the police/people in heli's until you get up to 6 stars. Now done right you will have a little bit of health left like I did, then I just got in the heli and flew around for ages to the different islands. Thats how I got the achievement.
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This is most fastest easiest way to get the achievement start a new game get a gun and run across the train tracks until you reach the tunnel you should have six stars a little more then half way down the train tracks go into the tunnel a little bit and just keep looking left and right because sometimes cops fall down on the train tracks just kill them and wait five minutes and you should have it in no time

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