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My new game idea tested and is fun!


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I just started a new game idea within PS3 GTA4's free roam mode.

Both myself and my GTA friends are having fun with it.


Its called "I Kill You!" and is for 2 players.


Player 1 has to run from one point to another using no weapons, are not allowed to swim and they cannot pick up heath packs.

They can scale buildings and are advised to use alleyways.


Player 2 has to run Player 1 over until they die using either a car or bike but is not allowed to use weapons. Vehicles can be changed.


We normally have Player 1 running from central park to the other side of one of the main bridges.

Player 2 normally starts at the bottom of the map on the same island.


We also tried a lengthy run from the main bridge straight to the airport.. Took a while but had lots of laughs



No Helicopters etc, just Cars and Bikes!

No guns and no health packs!


Hope you all have fun with the idea

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Sounds kind of like a one verse one Cops N' Crooks without any weapons.

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Sounds quite cool, add me and i'll have a game of it with you. icon14.gif

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