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Stuck with Packie


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Alcohol ruined my life.


I'm trying to get all my friends to 100%, so I've been taking them out to various places, as you do. I took Packie out to the Irish pub, and by accident, on the way back, hit the left back button while driving. Cops got called, I escaped, but by some weird twist of fate Packie got -shot-. I pick him up from the hospital, and get a huge negative to his like stat.


The next day I try going out with him again, but when I call I'm in Broker, and he turns out to be in the Alderney Prison. I get to him about half an hour too late, and even after the show he's down to 28%. Finally I try one last time to him to like me. I forget where I am when calling, and the exact same thing happens again, except this time I'm in a fast car. I'm still ten minutes late.


I lose 7% like, and gain -1%- from finishing the outing. I'm left at 22%.

Next time I try and call Packie for a night on the town, he turns me down, and now I just get his answering machine. I've forwarded time and checked up to a day or two after his rejection, but he still won't pick up.


Will he eventually start picking up again or am I screwed?

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Alright, his like stat reset to 30% after a few days and lots of rejected calls. It'd be nice if the game didn't repeatedly spawn him at the Prison though.

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