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What the police chase


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So the police come after you if shoot randomly or at people. But what else? If I'm speeding at 200 do they come after me? Ect.

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no the cops don't come after you for speeding, they do come after you however if you drink and drive or swing an attack near them lol.


i walked past a cop one time and pushed the air and got a wanted level lol

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Mister Skiba

I've also noticed that you can cream a car right in front of them, but unless you hit the cop car itself they won't chase you. Speeding, wreckless driving, flipping your car etc. doesn't constitute getting wanted level(s). Firing your gun practically anywhere will get you a star. Fighting people is a little unique in that if they see you hit someone they will arrest you, however if someone hits you and you don't react because there is a cop around they will arrest the other person.

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well their are different cops


first cop


eats donuts and coffe all the time


dosent do work




and dumb


dosent know how to drive



second cop






does job and knows how to drive

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