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The wreaking ball behind the garage in San Fierro


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So, does it do anything, I can swing the ball around and get it to hit the wreaked buildings but no walls fall down, are they meant to?


Is it just there for show?

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I guess it's just there for show. You can't reach any of the cars on the street using it, but I guess it could be fun if you had a high wanted level and the cop cars came (cops can't reach you in the crane).


You can use it to destroy at least 3 of the shacks in 'Deconstruction'.

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lil weasel

There were some forum(s) that had mention that there was supposed to be an interactive construction/demolition mission/side mission. But was never followed through by Rock* do to release constraints.


who really knows?

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Well, it would be fun, if you could use it to smash Tanks and SWAT Vans, when they are after you in it. It would have been great.
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