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A Revamped Vice City

Lt. Dan

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An updated version of Vice City is what Rockstar will most likely shoot for for the next GTA. Here's what I would want it to be.


First Island: Elcano Bay

This is the location of the famous Washington Beach and Washington avenue, studded with glamorous suites and hotels and courthouses. There is very little crime here, although the cocaine trade is everywhere in Vice City. This is the GTA version of Midtown Miami and Biscayne Bay. Esobar International Airport is located here, as is a military base that is close by. Lots of contemporary art and architecture.


Second Island: San Casimir

This is the first European settlement in America (at least in the GTA unicerse). Hint-hint, it's a parody of Saint Augustine, Florida (it's a beautiful place, I've been there). It is a big tourist location. When you cross the famous bridge of Leon, you are greeted with the gate to Casimir. At the northeastern corner of the island there is an ancient Spanish fort. Saint Augustus Street and Saint Dials street are studded with old European architecture that are now inhabited with countless restaurants and shops. You won't find a Burger Shot here. There is a giant Brass Cross where the Spanish Landed here. There is a gigantic $600 a night hotel called the Majestic here. Many old churches.


Third Island: San Ermengol

This is basically the ghetto. Divided in half by the Vice River, there is Little Haiti and Little Havana, which have been at a gang war for years. However, the battle has subsided due to unpresedented military occupation due to illegal immigration. Most buildings are run down. This is basically Bohan in Florida.


Fourth Island: Downtown Vice City

Basically a complete recreation of this

user posted image


Fifth Island: San Colette

The suburbs. Although, the drug trade is most prominent here.



What do you guys think? What do you want (location-wise) from a new Vice City?

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I like the idea, but I'm sure someone around here will just say how the next GTA won't be in Vice City. Vice City in present day would be awesome and having 5 islands is perfect too.

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Well, there's a difference between what we want to happen and what will happen.

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lol, I live in St. Augustine!

Lucky bastard. I stayed there for a week in vacation. Flagler college is especially beautiful (I ate in the dining hall).

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VC was small and 1 small city will bother me. If they redo another city, then I hope they make it more accurate (like LC) and they do them all in one game (SA, VC, LC)

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