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GTA IV chain story


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Ok, I decided to do a GTA IV chain story, as I have seen many chain stories in SA and LCS. I'm not sure if there have been other threads. I hope you people know how to do them, I'm sure most of you have. Here are the rules for beginners:


1. NO SPOILERS, very important please.


2. Actually if you feel like, you can add characters from other GTA's (CJ, toni cipriani, etc.


3. You may not post after a predessessing post you have made. Let others choose you subjects.


4.no more than three subjects may be chosen.


Here's how you make a chain story:


The way you post a chain story is that you must write a story that is after what I will write and then you must add a subtopic at the bottom ( have up to 3) and the next person will choose one subtopic and continue, blah blah blah.


What I do not like is that everyone makes these stories like they are in the game ex: Toni put on his wiseguy suit and went to do taxi missions. No way will I accept that. Please make it real as possible ex: Niko put on jeans and a red shirt. Then he went outside to do a job his friend Little Jacob needed done. Thats acceptable.


I'll start off:


Niko wakes up in Roman's new mansion . Niko had a huge hangover. He had been drinking with Packie and Roman the night before at the Steinway Beer Garden. He puts on a leather jacket, white tennis shoes and stonewashed jeans. He walks outside to the infernus parked on the other street. He heads to the bar to take more shots to calm his head down. He goes on Emerald st. and gets caught in cross fire. Niko tries to drive away but his car is out (very sad for an infernus cryani.gif ). Niko gets out and:


1. Goes into battle with an AK-47


2. Runs away.


3. Gets shot instantly.




















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