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Cheat Code Creation


Recommended Posts

It means... I do not know how to unlocked the dynamic burglary houses with AR-Max. Maybe we could re-write a cheat code to perform this function, but I don't know how to do it.


I looks like I never posted a code to move the Queens Save Disk to the Big House interior. Would you like to take on this challenge? If so I'll dig up the coordinates, global variable numbers for PCv2, and index that you'll need to work with. You might be able to work out these codes with a programmer's calculator, like the mode available on Window's calculator. I find it easier to work with spreadsheets even though I need to go through the extra step of converting back and forth between hex and decimal formats. For simple codes I'm good with a calculator, but as soon as things get big or start to repeat I switch to spreadsheets. Otherwise I'm liable to have a lot more errors in my codes.


And it looks like I never posted a v2 enex address map. That's definitely a job for spreadsheet.



Yeah, it sounds like a plan. also, at the way bottom of the burglary house list, there's a thing marked "Locked burglary interior" with a code of 00C9D4F1 00000041 (for v2 obviously). What does it mean?

Also, what does "unrestricted" mean? Here's a picture of what I'm looking at by the way. From your post.



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One of the burglary interiors is locked by default, so you can't get out if you go in, unless you use that code. Um... now that I think about it, the burglary interiors might all get locked after the burglary mission, so maybe these codes won't work well if you are using a fairly new save.


The unrestricted Bayside burglary house is the one closest to the water. It's the only one of the 4 houses on that street that is always in unrestricted territory. In the chain game save that house is used as a Big House armory, but the game tends to recycle that door for some reason so it only works sometimes so you need to restart the game a few times to get it to work. The game has a habit of changing the door locks, so you need to be careful when choosing what to edit.


There are several good choices for Big House armories. It's mostly a matter of what you are willing to give up. The Mulholland West 24-7 is an interior without anything useful, and it's in a location central to much of the early map. We recently switched the Willowfield safehouse for an armory. The Queens house is an armory since there's no save disk there anymore. The farmhouse makes a good armory. We squeezed armories into the links of the pointy building in SF, and the Dam Generator Hall, and the northern roof doors of Caligula's Casino.

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Gotcha. So anyways, do you have any interesting v2 codes for me to test out, like old times?

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Moving Queens Save Disk


Collecting info to get started:


PC codes to move the Queens disk to the coffee table in the main room of the unused LA Big House. This is the data we need to write. It needs to be changed from decimal floating point to IEEE 754 floating point. See IEEE Calc.

0004: $SAVE_PICKUPS_X[11] = 2324.5 0004: $SAVE_PICKUPS_Y[11] = -1141.85 0004: $SAVE_PICKUPS_Z[11] = 1050.39 0004: $SAVE_POINTS_X[11] = 2324.25 0004: $SAVE_POINTS_Y[11] = -1144.5 0004: $SAVE_POINTS_Z[11] = 1049.890004: $SAVE_POINTS_ANGLE[11] = 180.0 

PS2v2 equivalent with appropriate global variable numbers. 0004: is the opcode for assigning values. It'll translate roughly to 20, write 4 bytes, before the address we need for our RAW code.

0004: $901 = 2324.50004: $919 = -1141.850004: $937 = 1050.390004: $955 = 2324.250004: $973 = -1144.50004: $991 = 1049.890004: $1009 = 180.0 

The $ symbols are used in scripting to signify a global variable. These are variables that can be saved and control many things about how the game works, like where the save disks get replaced after a save or mission. Each variable is 4 bytes in length; so that will be our record size for this calculation. If we know the starting address of the global variable space, and the global variable we need, we can calculate the address. Tip, if you add the starting address after calculation the offset you can work the formula without using parenthesis, which simplifies coding. The starting address for the global variable space and many other structures are included in the table posted on the first page.


NTSCv2 0x6B2770 - start of global variable space. Let's convert that to decimal. Using the radio buttons on Window's Calculator in programmer's mode. 7022448

NTSCv2 7022448 - start of global variable space.


I'll try the first one.

0004: $901 = 2324.5

Lets start with write 4 bytes; 20


Next we need the address. So 901 * 4 + 7022448 = 7026052.

Convert that back to hex, and add an 0x designatior so we know it's hex when we are writing. 0x6B3584


So the first part of this line is 206B3584. Now we need the data value.


Stick 2324.5 into the Number field of IEEE Calc with the float radio selected and hit show to get 45114800. Um... This is just a fancy way for computers to record numbers with decimal point values, very large numbers, or very small numbers, in only 4 bytes, but there is a lack of precision involved in the process, but that shouldn't matter for now. We just need to stick the value in our code. So now we've got the first line complete.


206B3584 45114800 - only 6 more lines for a complete code, plus the master code at the top, like always.


Let me try that again with the Madd Dogg disk data to make sure I did it right.


$891 =$SAVE_PICKUPS_X[1] // Madd Dogg's


891 * 4 + 7022448 = 0x6B355C

206B3558 for the first part of the code. Let's see what the old data says about that.


Move Madd Dogg's Disk - NTSCv2

206B355C 44A17999
206B35A4 C4477504
206B35EC 44883000
206B3634 44A0D999
206B367C C4476C28
206B36C4 44882333
206B370C 42B40000

Edited by OrionSR
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Ah yes, good job friend. The card moved from close to the entrance into one of the rooms.


Worked like a charm. I'll keep testing your codes for you if you want me to. Just post em' here

Edited by Veigar
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There's nothing much of interest to me here. PS2s are too hard to work with and nothing ports to PS3 where most people play these days. These codes didn't get much play even when people could get the software and hardware; the cheat code era had already passed. So if you want to play with the codes and learn how to edit them I'm willing to help, but I'm not likely to fire up my PS2 again unless someone finds a free easy network strategy for manipulating my memory cards.

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Well there definitely is trouble keeping bayside burglary interiors open like you said for some reason. I don't think it's a code that can be saved.


I tried copying my file to a usb stick but it keeps giving me the "Error saving SanAndreas" message. I think I can recieve save files though, I'm getting your copy.

Edited by Veigar
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I had some weird errors with San Andreas and AR-Max too. I was never able to make my own crunched archive (or whatever AR-Max calls it) and copy it successfully to USB. I was able to copy the files without crunching to USB and eventually access them on PC. I had problems with "Gallery" for some reason. Copying things back to memory card still required the uncrunch process to work properly. Keep trying different options. If you can get anything to work going in or going out then you can probably get it to work for everything once you work out the quirks.

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Well huh, my AR-MAX isn't even finding any files on my USB/flash stick... even though I'm pretty sure this is correct ;


I'm assuming you go to my devices > MAX memory. Nothing is showing up even though I did everything the video told me to do.

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That video shows the process for uLaunchElf and a codebreaker formatted archive. I wouldn't expect it to work. The Max Memory utility is a little clunky. Did you select the USB drive? What is the size of your flash stick? Did you try repartitioning it to FAT32 or plain FAT? Can you view files on the memory cards?

Edited by OrionSR
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1. Yes I selected the usb.

2. I tried two seperate drives, one is 3.71 GB, the other is 3.74.

3. Yes, I tried FAT and FAT32.

4. Yes, I can view the files I have on my memory card.



Hey, can you link me Edison Carter's code list? I can't find it since it's very old. I'm Assuming Edison is long inactive, too.


Also, back when I asked about removing the player's inventory, I found this on your 3rd page.




Is this essentially what I asked for?

Edited by Veigar
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The lose weapons when busted or wasted codes are related to the girlfriend bonuses. You could just kill of Katie or Barbara to lose their bonuses.


I don't know what to say about the USB drives. I never tried with something so large so I'm not sure what to expect.

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Not really. If you start a save of SA and get Katie/Barbra as a girlfriend and save then reset the game, their bonuses still occur regardless of you dating them or not. I think it's a bug..


Edit: I have a really fond liking for my negative gravity code, where you hold L1 and everything floats up. Do you happen to know any more of these type of codes (no real purpose but miscellaneous fun type of stuff)? Or if you have a working link to Edison Carter's codes, that's be splendid.


There are many interesting codes here.






But they're not formatted for v2.


I found a code that can apparently teleport you to wherever you place a red marker.


Teleport To Red Marker, Press L3+R3 (GS/CB/AR2 NTSC)
2019CBAC C7A00028
2019CBB4 E4420030
2024D9E4 46010000
E002FFF9 00700942
2019CBAC 0C030CC0
2024D9E4 C78084E0
200C3300 3C040070
200C3304 24840028
200C3308 8C851F10
200C330C 14A0FFFD
200C3310 C4821F08
200C3314 C4811F0C
200C3318 C78084E0
200C331C 03E00008



Apparently it is in NTSC format, so if you can port it to ntscv2, that's ALSO be splended. Thanks again, Orion

Edited by Veigar
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A lot of the more interesting codes got ported between v1 and v2 and NTSC and PAL in the conversion request topic. Maybe you can find something you can use in there.


It looks like any codes that didn't make it from Edison Carter's database on to Skiller's database have been lost. That's sad. Maybe someone should warehouse Skiller's codes before it's too late.


You might want to start with something simpler for your first code port to v2. I have my doubts that this one with work on AR-Max, but I'm too far out of practice to read the codes well enough to figure out what it's doing. We came across several "copy byte" codes that work on CodeBreaker but not on AR-Max. This doesn't seem like the sort of thing we could guess at and simply add known offsets to balance things out. We'd need to understand each line and probably go look at the data from memory dumps of both v1 and v2 to really understand what's going on.


And to be clear, I will not be doing any of the work on these codes. This was a month long project I conducted 7 years ago only because it was tangent to my save editing projects. I learned a lot that is useful to my PC modding efforts but I don't do this anymore. If you want to play cheat code archaeologist you are going to need to figure out how to do this stuff yourself or put up with whatever someone else has already converted.

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Nothing in that thread says anything about how to port to different versions. All Ric-013 said was that it "aint easy".


I scoured through the thread and found the same code in ar-max format, but for pal (assuming v1 since it was posted in 2005)


Teleport To Red Marker, Press L3+R3 (ARMax PAL UK/French)


Now I'd port it myself but I think you should give me advice as to where to find info on how to do so. Like you said, it's great to start out small, but I'm really eager to test this code. Also, using the code.bin method, it just gives me a "Files cannot be created without a master code in the list." One thing I don't know is if the master code is the same for all versions or there's a different one for v2. After that, I can only think that you put the master code in some new file that you save to .bin


Some I DID manage to successfully make though, I'll post.




liberty city via zip



bouncing cars?


I ported the bouncing cars code from codebreaker format. Ric said it was in v2 already, so I assumed that all I had to do was convert it. Never mind about that. I made a mistake.



You know, something's really weird. I like how you're still around after so long. What made you stay? Pretty much everyone who was doing SA Cheat device coding related stuff are now gone. I'm pretty sure you do things with save games, and just linger around here?

Edited by Veigar
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The master code would be first in the code.bin list, iirc. Isn't there a complete example early when I first started using them? The first code in most tables, at the top an separate, is the master code for each version. It's consistent so keep recycling the one that works for you.

RAW codes won't help me much. Let's see what I can make of the other version that you posted.

Teleport To Red Marker, Press L3+R3 (GS/CB/AR2 NTSC)
2019CBAC C7A00028
2019CBB4 E4420030
2024D9E4 46010000
E002FFF9 00700942 - Multi-line Joker. E is conditional, 2 is the lines to execute, FFF9 is a button mask, and 700942 is the address for button presses. Use the NTSCv2 address included in the table on the first page.
2019CBAC 0C030CC0 - line 1
2024D9E4 C78084E0 - line 2
200C3300 3C040070
200C3304 24840028
200C3308 8C851F10
200C330C 14A0FFFD
200C3310 C4821F08
200C3314 C4811F0C
200C3318 C78084E0
200C331C 03E00008

Everything else looks like codes that write 4 bytes. 20, followed by the address, then the value to write. I am not familiar with this memory range. I'm not sure what it's doing. One clue are the two line executed by the joker.

2019CBAC 0C030CC0
2024D9E4 C78084E0


The addresses match those of the 1st and 3rd line, but the data is different.

2019CBAC C7A00028
2019CBB4 E4420030
2024D9E4 46010000


So... some how that makes it go, but I have no idea how.


The rest of the data is sequential. I wonder what it means.


C4821F08 - a float maybe = -1040.97
C4811F0C - float? = -1032.97
C78084E0 = -65801.75. Hm... that's a weird looking float.


Maybe it's look more familiar in little endian format.

70 00 04 3C 28 00 84 24 10 1F 85 8C FD FF A0 14


Well. I suppose you could go to the addresses in a v1 memory dump, identify which data is located at those addresses before it's changed, then look for matching data in a v2 memory dump, adjust the addresses in your code, and hope the same data has the same effect. But still, I have no idea what this code is doing or what it's changing in memory. If it works it'd be a miracle. So, do you have memory dumps for v1 and v2? The only way I know to make memory dumps is to use a PS2 emulator, but getting the game to actually boot was not an easy process.

Edited by OrionSR
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Sorry for random inactivity, but I still appreciate it.


Also. I put this code in (it's just labeled as each girlfriend's name, I assumed that they placed an enex in front of each girlfriend's houses)


20C9ABF4 00C9DD30
00C9DBF9 00000041
00C9DC35 00000041
00C9DC71 00000041
00C9DCAD 00000041
00C9DCE9 00000041
00C9DD61 00000041


It DID place the markers, but only in the Hidden Interiors universe. Whoops, I guess? Thought it'd appear in the overworld.


Also, you got any codes to reverse dual wielding? (Like tec 9, pistol, and micro uzi)

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I think you need the preceding 6 lines to redirect an enex to the existing enexes in their interiors. You were right about the codes you posted unlocking their interiors. You can unlock their exteriors by triggering a burglary mission.

20C9AAC8 00C9DBC8  Juniper Hill Burglary to Denise's20C9AB04 00C9DC04  Juniper Hill Burglary to Katie's20C9AB40 00C9DC40  Juniper Hill Burglary to Helena's20C9AB7C 00C9DC7C  Juniper Hill Burglary to Michelle's20C9ABB8 00C9DCB8  Juniper Hill Burglary to Barbara's Jail20C9ABF4 00C9DD30  Juniper Hill Burglary to Millie's00C9DBF9 00000041  Denise's00C9DC35 00000041  Katie's00C9DC71 00000041  Helena's00C9DCAD 00000041  Michelle's00C9DCE9 00000041  Barbara's Jail00C9DD61 00000041  Millie's

Or you can add this bit to unlock those exteriors, but they'll probably get locked again eventually.

00C9AAC1 00000040  Juniper Hill Burglary00C9AAFD 00000040  Juniper Hill Burglary00C9AB39 00000040  Juniper Hill Burglary00C9AB75 00000040  Juniper Hill Burglary00C9ABB1 00000040  Juniper Hill Burglary00C9ABED 00000040  Juniper Hill Burglary00C9AC29 00000040  Juniper Hill Burglary

Hm... looks like you get an extra unlock. I think it's the last one but I'm not sure anymore. Check out the red bed room. I think it was a beta safehouse.

Edited by OrionSR
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