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Louis' Vehicle Mod?


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Hello all,


Just recently compleded GTA San Andreas and I'm looking to mod some of the cars. When I was searching for mods I came across THIS VIDEO: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gJnIRdkNCMQ


It's supposedly showcasing a mod made by someone named Louis that puts a bunch of really nice looking cars into the game.


I've looked and looked, and the only places I think I've been able to find this file are pay-to-download sites of questionable legitimacy. The sites that listed it had many, many different versions, with sizes varying from 100 meg to over 8 gig, with different file names and no real way of telling which one is "real" or "best." This mod looks so cool, I can't believe it isn't pasted all over every GTA mod site that exists. That is, if this mod exists at all.


There were some comments posted for this video. Some people said this was a fake, that the cars were from different games and pasted on to images. Others say it's a legit mod. I'm having a hard time making up my mind. The exhaust smoke and lightbeam effects, as well as the dirt effects on some cars look very legit. But, the cars are almost photographed all in the same spot. When he turns the camera so that the street is in the background, there's never any other cars on the street. Now, that's a low traffic area so it's quite possible that he only took screen captures when the street was empty, or that the street was too far away for the engine to draw vehicles on it from where he was.


Bottom line, I want to know if this mod exists. And if it does, where can I download it? Does this "Louis" have a website or a forum he frequently posts on?

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