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Car stats?


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In SA, both the infernus and turismo were just as fast apparently, but the infernus weighed less=better cornering. Now, is the same true in 4? And where are the car stats for 4 (man, this game has almost no information on it...)?

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The Turismo in this game is not fast anymore, it's just a bit faster than a sports car. The two main stars of the show are the Infurnus and the Super GT i think, the Comet is prett damn fast aswell.


I was going to do speed tests using the airport runway, but by the time i get round to it, it might already have been done. I think we got speeds from the SA cars by the PC edition being released, people could rip open the files and seel the relative car speeds, physical properties etc.


Infurnus is supposed to be the best car in every GTA game, so if i were to guess by experience of former GTAs, i'd say it were the fastest in this aswell, though i don't know about handling, the Comet is good at cornering.


Edit: Holy crap that's informative ^^^^. Wonder how long it took to get all that information.

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