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Tuned Cars


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Hey guys. I was seeing if anyone here was into finding Tuned versions of the cars in GTA IV? I spend a lot of time driving around for them. A lot of them look great.


I didn't find a topic about these cars so I figured I'd make one. It seems like there is a tuned version of almost every regular car in the game.


So does anyone look for them? What have you found so far?


There is a topic on another forum with a bunch of us looking for them..if I am allowed to post it I will.

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Well there are the major well known ones such as the Sultan RS, Futo GT, and Blista Compact GT that have their own topics around.........


I don't know what you define as tuned though, do you consider the extra trim you can find on some cars such as the small roof spoiler and body skirt on the Minivan as tuned?

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