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[Req] I need a batch GXT ID replacer


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EDIT: Ok, I was informed on another forum that the CLEO script GXTHOOK.CS will do what I want, though my mod would then require CLEO. I'd still like the tool, but it isn't as large a concern now.


Hello all,


I've been working on a mod to replace CJ with a female counterpart (in this thread) , but I now need to replace the names of all the clothing items. However, I wanted to maintain compatibility with other mods.


Essentially, what I need is a program that will use an input text file to alter an American.gxt - that is, the user would make a tab or comma deliniated text file with each line having the table, string id, and text. The program would use this file to alter an existing GXT file - that way the needed changes could be made quickly and easily by the end-user of a mod so that no matter how many alterations his GXT file had had the mod would still be compatible.


Does a tool like this exist or could someone make one? I realize that it is difficult to write a program, but in my mod's particular case I need to replace around 100 GXT entries - so it isn't practical to expect the end-user of the mod to do this him/herself.


Alternatively, is there a CLEO script that could replace those specific entries without actually altering the American.gxt file? I know that there is the GXT hook plugin, but I believe that conflicts between the CLEO hooks and the American.gxt are likely to cause significant bugs/overhead.


Thanks in advance

- JC



It occurred to me that I may not have been clear in what I meant by the text input file, it would look something like this:


MAIN,CAP29,Tan western hatMAIN,BOXHRT,Denim Caprisetc...


Edited by JC_COOP
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