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Xbox 360 GTA IV Does Not Save HELP!


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I was having no problems and got to 30% game completion and i turned off my xbox 360, the next day i came to play on it i started the game thinking i could do some more percent and hopefully get closer to completing the game, but i switched it on and it took me back to the first mission i checked my hard drive and there was no GTA save like id never played it before yet i still have my achievements....i was a little annoyed but i then thought ill play through it again. So i got up to 15% in one night because i really wanted my 30% back and i knew what i was doing so it was pretty easy. So i turned off the 360 and came to carry on getting back to my 30% but when i switched it on once again there were no autosaves or manual saves recognised and no saves at all on GTA IV i have tried many things to try and fix it but with no luck every time i start a game the xbox 360 doesnt save it even though it says its been saved in the corner when you save it on the game...so any HELP!!!!!!?????

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I'd like some help here too!

Last night I was at about 18%, turned on my 360 tonight and I'm at 3.5%.


Where the hell are my games?

If you turn on your 360 with no disc in, you can see the achievements for each game you played.

I still have achievements (for at least up to 13% ... I can buy guns from little j.) But when I turn on

the game, I'm still at 3.5%.


So it looks like my HDD is just fine (other games like COD4 still kept my progress) so it looks like a GTAIV problem!


Anybody else seen this? Is there any point to me starting over again? Or is it just gonna lose my progress again?


Is there some trick to getting my original progress back?


Please help.

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Make sure you are using the same profile as you were using originally. Every 360 profile has seperate saved games.

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I think Chrisdavies2K8's problem is that he cannot see his saved games the next time he play the game even if he saved it previously on the same profile.


It happened to me with Ninja Gaiden II. My Xbox 360 has one profile so I'm sure it's not a profile related issue.


But I found a way to solve this problem but I dont guarantee you that this solution is the right solution for this problem. However you can give it a try.


On the dashboard menu choose System then choose Memory. After that, choose the HD or memory card that you are using to save your game in and you will see a list of games that are saved to the HD or memory card u chose. Then select the game that you are having trouble saving your game in and choose Delete to delete the saved data (Note: this will delete everything related to the game such as settings and saved games, but it wont delete achievements).


To test that this solution worked, play the game and save the data then restart the game and load the saved data.


Hope this works smile.gif

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