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Stevie NEVER texted me! 98% done with game...


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You get a Text Message from Brucie and him telling you that he told Stevie about you and I think you have to call Brucie.

You get a CALL from Brucie. He tells you he's been talking with Stevie about you, and now Stevie wants you to "find" cars for him in exchange for big money. So Niko says OK and Brucie's off to tell Stevie Niko agreed. A couple of in-game hours later (DON'T PUT YOUR PHONE ON SLEEP MODE!!!), you'll get a text message from Stevie requesting the first car. So you don't have to call anybody yourself, it all just happens at a certain point in the storyline, provided you stay away from sleep mode when Stevie sends his text.


Just to clear things up...





Silent Bob.

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start over?


soundz simple because it iz.


all the time you've spent searching forumz, and gaming sitez could have been directed to a game that iz MUCH more interesting than research on a glitch.


or you can wait til enough people cry about it and r* put'z out a patch to fix, but by then GTA XVII will bee out.




sticking your fingerz in a toaster iz alwayz a welcomed option.


make youtube proud.

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What's with all the Z?


Anyways, why would he restart if there could be another option?




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  • 2 months later...

Hi, I just signed up to say I also got this problem.

I've got the garage on the map but never got a text from Steve. I suspected that it was because I sometimes had my phone on sleep mode and it's now been confirmed.

I've noticed on other forums people have it too but this thread has looked into it more thoroughly than most.

Yes, I could start again but I'd like to have the choice...

All the missions, fights, chases and interactions with the GTA world were a real treat. They were MY experiences and I'm not sure I would enjoy and savor doing it ALL again (yes, I'm nearly at 100%).

In fact, when I found out this glitch was terminal, it really put the breaks on me playing the game. It's ruined my enjoyment, knowing that it's pointless to play through the remainder of the game when there will always be Steve's missions and 2% missing.

It's a real bummer...


Unfortunately, the problem dosn't seem to be wide spread enough for Rockstar to bother fixing it with a patch. Although I hope they do!

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First, the problem is not terminal. If you missed the text, you just still need to deliver the car. Once you do, it will trigger the next text. The problem is that the cars are chosen at random. So, you need to get a list of cars and their locations if you don't have the guide, then search those locations one by one until you find the car.


Second, Doing a second playthrough myself after reaching 100% turned out to be better than the first playthrough. Knowing the city better and what to expect on missions made for some fun "side jobs" along the way. Should you have to play again, don't be bummed. I'll bet you enjoy it just as much or more.

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First, the problem is not terminal. If you missed the text, you just still need to deliver the car. Once you do, it will trigger the next text. The problem is that the cars are chosen at random. So, you need to get a list of cars and their locations if you don't have the guide, then search those locations one by one until you find the car.

WOW! Somebody has revived this thread that I started a while back tounge2.gif . Anyway, Ada'sThong I'm sorry about your situation. You are like me, and like many others that frequently left their phones in sleep mode - Stevie's text is gone FOREVER...


Rockstar doesn't care. I've emailed them numerous times and they just don't give a f*ck. I've given up on them. That's why I spent so much time investigating and finally found the cause of the glitch.


And Tyedyeskyguy, if you miss his FIRST text due to putting the phone in sleep mode, you cannot start his missions. You're f*cked. The cars will not be in their locations, so don't waste your time. You will not finish the game 100%, only 98% at best.

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check ur e mails mate, i think with stevie you have to reply positively to a brucie e mail, might be muddled up with another side task but im sure u have to reply to an e mail before he texts/calls you facedesk.gif

Stevie texted me just now asking me to find a bike, i hadnt replied to an email or anything, brucie just gave him my number

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  • 3 weeks later...

Shouldn’t matter. Normally No. 1 and Smackdown are the only missions you need to complete in order for the Stevie texts to start. However in rare occasions where neither has triggered this odd job gamers have made sure they complete the Brucie imports so they can complete Stevie’s requests. So basically if you have done the above missions and still not had a text try doing the exotic imports.

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  • 1 month later...



The PC version has exactly the same stupid sleep-mode bug like the PS3 or Xbox360 confused.gif I now have to re-do all the missions just to gain 100%

But this time, I will NEVER turn on the sleep-mode again, even when the "friends" are annoying me all the time (the feature I dislike the most btw).

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  • 5 months later...

hey im currently extremely pissed off. I purchased GTA IV about 2 weeks after release (PS3) and completed the story and side missons up to about 90%. I cant remember when but trophies were released, I was annoyed but decided I would play through all again to collect them. I reached like 52% (of trophies) or something (cant remember off top of head) and got to about 85% in career mode. I have the guide and maps and I am a huge fan of GTA 4 and then I relised Stevies text message car thefts hadnt come through, I mucked around then completely empty my inbox so no message remained. I waited for a few hours (just mucking around) and still no messages. I loaded my non-trophies file and cleared my inbox and found out that stevies message are un-deletable. So on this file I collected a few cars hoping this would encourage the other file to do the same thing but no. I then decided since I had the guide with the locations to check every one. I carefully went to all the 30 locations searching for the cars that were meant to be there but no cars were there. I repeated this and still no luck. I am extremely furious as I do enjoy collecting PS3 trophies and want the platinum trophy for GTA 4 as its my favourite game. If anyone has any ideas to contribute i will be thankful and give them a go. I have the option of during the story all the way from the start again but I cant really be bothered as I will soon be purchasing this game for X-Box 360 to play The Lost and Damned and the Ballad of Gay Tony. But if any one has any ideas I will give just about any thing ago. Thanks.


BTW my PSN: xMxVxPx


One more thing, throughtout the story I often put my phone on sleep mode (and had autosave OFF), but I put my phone on sleep mode so that i could quickly return to save points without being hustled by friends, I ahd auto save off as I am targetting the perfect file with no deaths or arrests.


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Putting your phone on sleep mode is the problem. You will never get the first text message from stevie and I haven't heard of a fix for it. Sorry but you might have to play the game over again. confused.gif
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Well maybe find a map of Stevies cars that he wants, but maybe find it with numbers on so you know which cars he wants delivered in what order. I don't remember the first car he wanted so I can't help you there. Actually...I think he wanted the Intruder first. user posted image

You might want to save that so you can zoom in for some of the cars.


EDIT: Sorry about the page stretch then..just click on the photo for a bigger version and save it though.

Thanks for the map but from my understanding the order of cars that he wants is RANDOM and everyone's order will be different. Also I heard that cars will not appear in those spots unless he texts you requesting for that particular car.

Exactly, you probably, like me, got the message and never read it a long time ago. The only thing to do is to take the map and go to all of the car locations. Once you find the one he wants, you will see a little message saying that you found Stevie's car. Then, after you deliver it, he'll text you for your next car, and so on an so forth.

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  • 9 years later...

I know this is like 10 years old, but I just recently came across this issue my self and can say it not as bad as people think! There is a glitch where you don’t receive the phone call from Brucie and the text from stevie due to the phone being on silent but the car or bike is out there, you just have to use a cheat map and go to each location as it is random! But it is out there and doesn’t prevent you from gaining 100%... it’s a pain but it beats restarting that’s for sure :)





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