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Best PS2 VCS 100% checklist?


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I just picked up VCS, although GTA4 is all the rage right now I do not have a PS3 or 360 and wanted to play though VCS before I buy a 360 and play though GTA4, because I fear that after getting adjusted to it, I will never want to finish VCS. I should also mention that I have bad OCD and decided to 100% all the GTA's (except the first two). So for VCS I am looking for a good 100% checklist to use, I found one at the GTAplace.com which seems good




I also have found on at the GTA center.com




The problem is that both seem to have different objectives on them, and I am not sure which one is for PS2 and which one is for the PSP, I have also found a good 100% guide on GameFAQs, but I again I want to pick one and stick to it, but I am not sure which one. Does anyone have experience here? Which one have you used for the PS2 to help you get 100% and did you find it to be complete? Thanks much!

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I usually check the checklists (if any are available) on here first. They are well done and most have printer friendly links. VCS is no exception with an excellent checklist here.


Edit - Just realised I think that is for the PSP and even though they are almost identical the PS2 version was given a few extra things to do. All of which can be found here.

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GTA Phreak

Accurate PS2 checklist:


http://www.gtplanet.net/forum/showthread.php?t=49721 (bottom of the 1st. post)


Those here on GTAF aren't accurate even with the PS2 add-on.

For instance: There's no mention of the high-roller outfits (which are required for 100%)


If you want a 100% guide go for 1 of those on GameFAQs, - I think they eventually got all the percentages right. (but I haven't read them that thoroughly).

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