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Cubed 3D and helmet


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So I got the Cubed 3D high score yesterday, left the strip club and everyone was wearing helmets. All of the pedz, everyone in cars, litterally everyone. I guess it must have somthin to do with getting the high score.


If this has been posted before sry.


anyone else have this happen? Anyone know the reason for this?



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Yes this was posted.. the other person said that everyone had a pistol too. I think he reloaded after saving but I can't remember.. look back a fiew pages.

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it was only in a few block radius, no one had guns just everyone everywhere wearing helmets. Once I went a few blocks away the helmets were gone. Went back to around the strip club and no helmets.


It was so weird. I hung out walking around for quite a while just looking at everyone wearing helmets.

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