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Hangman's NOOSE/dealbreaker/bomb da base 2


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Righty ho ive heard to get this you have to beat rockstar's best time, though "cunningly" they havent identified what these are lol,


I know that for 'hangman's NOOSE' it is 2:32, is this for any difficulty?


Also, what are the times for the other 2? and does the difficulty affect it?

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Bomb Da Base II is around 5:32 I believe.

And Deal Breaker is like 7:03.


I don't think diffiulty affects it, but it does have to be ranked = no friends allowed in it, which makes communication a factor. Youtube has some great tutorials, like getting the helicopter from the airport, or from the backyard of the mansion, and the glitched spot from Bomb Da Base II.

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