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need help with little jacob job

I Eat Paste

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if it is the one where one got to Deliver the package to under a bridge


I drive as fast as i can to the hospital with the "U" like driveway (almost right beside the dropoff point) get out of the car Hop over the wall facing the dropoff. (there should a Highway/Freeway/Expressway Run off ) hope over the other side of the RUN OFF and run fast as you can towards the dropoff (i have noticed to that if you can see the person even if time has run out you can stiil make the drop)


Hopefully this helps (if it is even the right Mission) lol.gif

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For the timed ones I used to call a cab to arrive as soon as I got the drugs. Hop in, skip the journey which will leave me a tonne of time for the delivery.

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