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Im going for 100 % and I have 2 activities left with LJ A Strip Club and Drinking Can I Take him to the club then go drinking right after or do I have to take him home first (I know I can take him drinking but will It count for my completion is what Im asking)

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I did read that you could take them to more than one place but through personal experience when you leave or are finished at the place you go the character/friend always asks to be taken home.

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If you take them somewhere other than what you called for first they don't want to go home until you take them to the place you originally called for. Now if it works like you asked i have no idea. It seemed like it didn't count for anything when i did it. I would also make sure to get 3 lap dances in a row in order to make sure you get it. It seemed like i couldn't get my 100% until i did it that way. I tried to just go in and leave to get there score up but it didn't seem to count towards your activity completion percentage.

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