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Most Fun/Replayable Missions?


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I'm going through the game again and trying to create a bunch of different save game files so I can go back and play the most enjoyable missions. I was wondering, since we're all GTA geeks here, what missions do you guys think have the best replay value? Three Leaf Clover goes without saying, but I'm trying to think of others that have awesome shootouts/chases/both.

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i think they should have added an option in which to go back to which ever mission you wanted to replay...


As in True Crime on the ps2...and whatever else,....


Anyone else think this would be good?

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I liked derrik mcreary's smackdown mission. The chase was awesome and taking his thugs out with a shotty in his own home was priceless.

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-Three Leaf Clover

-Hostile Negotiation

-Waste Not Waste Knots

-Deconstruction For Beginners

-Out of Commision




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Good picks ... I almost forgot about Deconstruction for Beginners - that one's kinda like taking out the whole Soprano family in one shot!

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Can someone please tell me what some of those missions are about? I beat the game, but I played through it so quickly I have forgotten some of the missions, which is why I am going to play through it again, but slowly.


Three missions that I remember and really liked was,


Snowstorm (I think it was called that)

The second to last mission where You kill Dimitri

The Bank Heist mission

Last mission (either one)



Oh and the one where you kill the lawyer. I wish more missions involved more days to do one mission and the use of the internet more, hopefully in the DLC or GTA V.


Edit edit:

And also the mission close to the beginning of the game where you chase that drug dealer through a bunch of interiors and through alleyways where you ultimately kill him in his apartment. I really wish GTA IV had more missions like this that involved going through interiors and alleyways like this one does.


And the mission call and collect. Again I wish more missions were like this

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