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Actor questions


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I'm editing a mission script (In Sanandreas, with Sanny Builder 3) and i want to use a specific character (like Sweet, etc)


What peds are assosiated with "Mission1, Mission2" Example below



$524 = Actor.Create(Mission1, #ARMY


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Alexander Blade

if u wanna use special characters u must load their models first with 023C



023C: request_special_actor 'sweet' as number 02



then u must create an actor with model named #SPECIAL(n) where (n) is ur actor number from 023C



Actor list


SpecialActor  Description       'ANDRE'  Andre  'BBTHIN'  Big Bear (thin)  'BB'  Big Bear (fat)  'CAT'  Catalina  'CESAR'  Cesar  'COPGRL1'  The naked girl 1  'COPGRL2'  Girl 1  'COPGRL3'  Girl 1  'CLAUDE'  Claude from GTA3  'CROGRL1'  The naked girl 2  'CROGRL2'  Girl 2  'DWAYNE'  Dwayne  'EMMET'  Emmet  'FORELLI'  Forelli  'JANITOR'  mechanic  'JETHRO'  Jethro  'JIZZY'  Jizzy  'HERN'  Hernandes  'GANGRL1'  The naked girl 3  'GANGRL2'  Girl 3  'GANGRL3'  Girl 3  'GUNGRL1'  The naked girl 4  'GUNGRL2'  Girl 4  'GUNGRL3'  Girl 4  'KENDL'  Kendel  'MACCER'  Maccer  'MADDOGG'  Mad Dog  'MECGRL1'  The naked girl 5  'MECGRL2'  Girl 5  'MECGRL3'  Girl 5  'NURGRL1'  The naked nurse  'NURGRL2'  nurse  'NURGRL2'  nurse  'OGLOC'  OG Loc  'PAUL'  Kent Paul  'PULASKI'  Pulaski  'ROSE'  Ken Rosenberg  'RYDER1'  Ryder (1)  'RYDER2'  Ryder (2)  'RYDER3'  Ryder (3)  'SINDACO'  Sindaco  'SMOKE'  Big Smoke  'SMOKEV'  with body armour  'SUZIE'  Suzie  'SWEET'  Sweet  'TBONE'  T Bone  'TENPEN'  Tenpeni  ' TORINO '  Torino  'TRUTH'  righteous man  'WUZIMU'  Wu Zi  'ZERO'  Zero 


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