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last mission


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ok guys... after killing dimitri in that ship, i immediately receive a call from roman and subsequently talked to kate... and i need to go pick kate up to bring her to roman's wedding.


so if i turn auto save off, i cant go to a safehouse to save a game?


and right after roman's wedding, kate dies and then i woke up in bed... roman and jacob immediately call me up... so meaning to say there is no time for me to call up jacob so i can buy weapons from him?


also, how do i make the jump on the dirt bike to grab on the chopper?

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In Jacob's text message it says he won't be able to drive to you and bring you weapons.


Not sure about the save thing


and for the dirt bike thing, avoid those orange things or you'll fall off the bike and miss the chopper. Stay at a good speed. I usually go to the left of the orange thing to stay on a straight path while avoiding it.

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just keep hanging up the phone and then go to a normal gun shop and load up. when you're ready for the mission just call up Jacob and he'll talk as if he called you

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