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Owed To A c*nt


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I can't write,

I cannot create,

I cannot inspire.

I consume but do not produce.

I eat but do not defecate.

Banality is my food

And I am a mighty glutton.

I talk of demons

And flying cars

And other babble

But they cannot get enough.

"Oh, you'll get better!"

"You're great, we love you!"









But I love them.

They feed my ego.

Justify my folly.

Legitimise my abortions.

My accomplices.

Shameless, transparent and vapid.

I am the great void,

I have no talent.

I am without worth.

But before you judge,

I'd like to see you do better!

Edited by Typhus
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What spelling mistakes do you mean?







Can't see any errors there dontgetit.gif

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You spelt c*nt wrong. There's a "u" there, not a "*".


Nah, I'm kidding. It may have been interpreted as either "ode" or "owed", I must admit I assumed it was was "ode" due to it being a poem of sorts.

Speaking of the poem itself, I liked it, very broken and the structure was disorientating. Very nice use of the quotes in there, they seem like very cynical characters. icon14.gif

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Thank you.

I just wanted to vent in light of recent insanity. Disproportionate insanity.


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