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Radios, license plates, other ?'s


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Hey i havent gotten the game yet, getting it in mid june when i get my 360, ive been playing SA to keep myself sane before i get IV, and i was wondering about some stuff. I heard the radio is a "loop", but does it go along with current events in the storyline? For example in SA when you go out with catalina and rob the banks you hear on KRose that two people are going mad in the country side, when you burn all the weed on radio x you hear that chick bitch about it, and on kdst you hear about the DA being caught with all the drugs after that mission. Do things like that get played on the radio when you do sh*t in the game? That would be sweet.


My other question for now unless i think of more is, are the license plates like the ones in SA? where they are all randomly generated and realistic?



thanks for ur time.

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On the question about Radio Stations yes, the 'Weazel' news updates mention it aswell as the news websites on the in game internet. About license plates, no, they are just the words ''Liberty City''

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Some of the stations are dynamic, like in SA, whereby the anouncements are randomised and news is updated, but the DJs never seem to acknowledge in-game events. Other stations just seem to be recorded loops.

Signatures are dumb anyway.

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Yes the radio does talk about the things you have done. This one time i was listening to this one station (forgot the name) and basically they found a pretty interesting way of reminding the player of that mission. If you want me to tell you i'll send you a pm because it's a spoiler kinda. So yes the radio deff keeps up with your actions.


And all license plates "Liberty City" so they are not randomly generated at all.

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